Thriving in the “new normal”

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on May 22, 2020

At the risk of sounding a tad overly dramatic, it’s clear that we’re living in unprecedented times. Companies, teams and individuals are struggling to adapt and are looking for ways to both minimize and capitalize on the disruption created by COVID-19. Teams that have had the benefit of direct & daily collaboration are being called upon to maintain their focus and productivity in a what has become a “remote worker world”.

For SAP customers this new reality is complicated by the fact that prior to COVID-19, companies were already contending with broader challenges related to the proactive stewardship of their strategic-data-assets.

These challenges include:

  • 70%+ annual growth in data volumes that require new and innovative approaches to address current and future operational backlogs;
  • the advent of purpose built architectures and real-time computing require that data being entered into SAP is both complete and accurate “the first time”. The irony is that real time computing can actually accelerate the movement of bad data into the system of record;
  • shortening business cycles and the ever increasing demand to “do more with less” require new approaches to the “status-quo” – legacy IT solutions like eCATT and LSMW are no longer sustainable;
  • organizational complexity that hampers collaboration and genuine partnership between teams. The winners in the new digital economy are learning how to achieve an optimum balance between IT and business stakeholders. Rather than the data stewardship burden falling on one group, solutions like Winshuttle help to achieve the “win/win” between various groups.

With the complication of a remote workforce layered on top of these challenges, the way forward becomes even more daunting…

In our current discussions with IT and business leadership, one of the topics of greatest interest is “how do we minimize the disruption of people now working from home while enabling them to maintain their previous levels of productivity and effectiveness”? In addition, many of these companies are either extending WFH mandates through the end of the year or, as things begin returning to normal, plan on giving their teams the option to continue WFH – the point being this does not appear to be a temporary situation. For any Winshuttle customer reading this post and for any company looking for solutions to streamline their processes related to data movement around SAP, Winshuttle recently announced a new product called Studio Manager.

Studio Manager is a powerful platform that enables people to manage their Winshuttle Excel-to-SAP automation capabilities centrally. Data stewards can now schedule their scripts to run from a server rather than their individual laptops. This capability is called “server side scheduling” and the benefits are two-fold:

  • the network connection between the remote desktop and the data center is not bogged down with individuals performing data uploads or extractions during the busiest times of the day. Even better, IT can set policies to insure these scripts are scheduled to run “off-hours” which results in better utilization of compute resources;
  • the remote worker’s laptop is not tied up with “running” the script, which can be slower when using a VPN connection. Once the script is scheduled on the server, the individual’s laptop is removed from the process and is freed up for other tasks.

Server-side scheduling is just one way people can get work done faster and be productive wherever they’re working from. This capability is also available with Winshuttle Evolve – our flagship SAP process automation and data management platform.

For more information please visit our website, reach out to your account manager or contact me directly at or my mobile @ 817-201-1894.

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