To be or not to be on top of data quality for governance compliance

By David Coerchon on Oct 2, 2014


Photo by Elizabeth Hahn [CC Attribution 2.0]

The industrial age began when companies were able to repeat endlessly the same process with a consistent result, which meant they could deliver their promises to a larger customer base.

Today, there is no question for companies whether they should or should not be on top of data quality, or whether their governance should be compliant or not. For them, not to be compliant or not to be on top of data quality means reduced margins, a shrinking customer base and reduced access to vital markets.

The barriers to data governance are erased when an organization adopts the techniques and best practices of data quality. To be on top of data quality for governance compliance means smooth operations, clear processes, knowledge of how the company behaves, and, as a final result, more agility and capacity to stick to the evolution of the environment.  With high data quality, our customers are able to change prices in a few hours and fix issues or change processes in a really short time frame, with the ability to measure what happens in real time. This enhances stakeholders’ experience in all aspects of their corporate life.

Winshuttle customers know that automated processes provide better exhaustiveness and traceability. Winshuttle customers know that helping users with simplified forms means enhanced data checking. Winshuttle customers know that a good process needs to be monitored. And Winshuttle customers know that end users understand that risks associated with dirty data can have a crippling effect on the business.

There is no question whether your company must or must not be on top of data quality for governance compliance.

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About the author

David Coerchon

David is pre-sales consultant at Winshuttle France since 2013. He is a specialist in Business Intelligence. As he graduated in business and controlling, his main concern is how companies can improve their processes and measure their return. This marathon runner also knows when it is worth tracking more, and when it is necessary to think in order to make leaps.

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