Training vs Education

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Apr 22, 2011

Winshuttle has embarked on a new campaign to educate customers on how our products work. This week we held a free 3-day webinar series on Transaction Basics. A good opportunity to get several new users up to speed. I figured we would have a couple hundred people sign up and maybe a hundred attend.

At the beginning of the first webinar, we had almost 1100 users signed up. These weren’t people who were thinking about buying Transaction, they are owners. The training wasn’t on advanced topics or how to customize Excel, it was just the basics. I found it surprising that the interest was so great, but I really shouldn’t have been.

The education emphasis came about because of our North America User Group meeting in New Orleans, where we offered education sessions as part of the second day of the meeting. We offered a Basics session alongside an Advanced session, as well as sessions for our Query and Server products. I really thought we would end up with 20 people in the Basics session and 150 in Advanced session. To my surprise, it was the opposite. Almost everyone wanted the basics, even users who have been using Transaction since it was called TxShuttle (4 yrs ago). The overwhelming response I heard was, “I know how Transaction works for the one task I use it for, but there could be so much more.”

The great thing about these sessions is that users always seem to find something new that they can use. It might be linking scripts together, it could be using an IF condition, or how to troubleshoot errors more efficiently. It’s the beauty of education, there is always something to learn.

So to get back to the title of the article – what is Training vs Education? Education is the free, general use training that we will continue to offer to help our customers get up to speed on our products. Training is the specific customized training that customers will pay to receive at their location. The training offering will be a way to train groups of users in specific uses of Transaction, Runner, Query or the administration of Central, Server or Forms. The other benefit of Training is the creation of usable scripts and templates that can be used right away.

Whichever way you want to learn more about Winshuttle, you can find information at We are always adding new things to the calendar and website to help users, so keep checking back.

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