Transaction Series #2: Authoring Tips From an Old Pro

By Jennifer Hwang on Mar 30, 2016

Having worked at Winshuttle for 7 years, I’ve written my fair share of Transaction scripts. I’m probably one of the few people in the world who can honestly say they’ve written thousands of them! And in that time, I’ve honed best practices, learned a few tips and tricks, and overall know-how. Here’s part 2 of my short blog series where I share some more of my Transaction script “commandments” with you!

Consider the BAPI

While a transaction code is always what you’ll want to try first, there may be instances where the t-code is not enough. Trying to use the t-code may mean that you have to use GUI-Scripting mode to get something very specific in the t-code to work; which may be a mode you’re unfamiliar with, or may be authorized against using. One option to consider (and not be afraid of) is a remotely-enabled BAPI or Function Module. There are hundreds of SAP-provided BAPIs that can create, edit, and read objects in and out of SAP, just like a t-code can. Plus, it will never require GUI-Scripting recording mode. Winshuttle Direct can be used to distill these BAPIs for ultimately running in Transaction or Transaction Runner. So if you encounter a t-code that is giving you trouble, don’t forget about a possible BAPI!



Need a change? Change in Excel first

Are you changing your mapping? Adding new fields? Deleting existing fields? Then make life easier and avoid mistakes by making the desired changes to your Excel file first. When you’re changing the mapping to an existing Transaction script and excel combination, make the changes to your Excel file first by adding, deleting, or moving around your columns. Once you have your Excel file just the way you want, go into the Mapper of your script and make the necessary changes to match your updated Excel file. It’s always simpler and safer mapping when you know what your Excel file already looks like, instead of guessing what the Excel file might look like after the changes.

Map from the Basic Tab

The Expert tab contains all of the information related to what a Winshuttle Transaction script is going to do. It has screen names and numbers, action codes, all of the fields being interacted with, and even cursor positions. However, only some of the fields contained in the Expert tab can and should be mapped. To avoid any accidental mistakes, do your mapping in the Basic tab. Why?  Because if the fields show in the Basic tab, then they are 100% allowed to be mapped. Only mappable fields are shown in the Basic tab, so it’s a surefire way of mapping your fields safely.

I hope some of these tips can help you on your Transaction journey! The best way to improve your skills is to always keep practicing. Happy Winshuttling!

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