How to trim your waste-line

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on May 6, 2011

The advice writers always get when they can’t think of anything to write is write what you know. This is especially helpful for bloggers, since we have to create content on a regular basis, but don’t always have a great idea when it’s time to post. WS-Data-Diet

This month has been dominated by a consulting project for one of our customers. They are automating 4 key areas in their Master Data group. The amount of different tasks is lengthy, over 30 different processes are being automated, but only 6 transactions are being recorded. The MM01 transaction is being used in 7 different ways. XD01 and XK01 both have 5 different iterations. It shows how versatile these transactions can be, but it also illustrates how confusing SAP can be for new users.

The amount of time being wasted by new users trying to figure out the different uses of the same transaction can be removed by Winshuttle Transaction. I have created a spreadsheet for the users that allows them to select the task they are looking to accomplish and it will only display for them the fields needed for that one task. It can reduce the amount of fields up to 80% for any one task, and there is the added benefit of being able to pre-populate fields. Additionally, we can even fix them in the script so the user doesn’t have to see them at all.

All of this reduces not only the workload of the user, but it make the entry less error prone. The question is how are you going to reduce your waste-line? Can you save time, money, or clean up the errors? The more analysis and the less data entry you can do, makes you more efficient.

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