Universal task list for your Winshuttle processes in SharePoint

By Kristian Kalsing on May 25, 2012

When using Winshuttle’s Forms and Workflow Solution for SharePoint to automate SAP business processes, it is best practices to organize those processes into logical groupings, each represented by separate sub sites in SharePoint. These groupings can be based on functional areas, departments, regions or other units that make sense in your organization. The advantage is that users can be constricted to only having access to processes and data on the specific sub site. It also provides a better user experience when users mainly operate in a site targeted at their needs.

With a distributed structure with processes divided amongst sub sites, it is inevitable that some power users are required to participate in processes from multiple sites. This will quickly uncover the need for a universal task list that aggregates all tasks currently assigned to the individual user. SharePoint out-of-the-box does not have the concept of a universal task list and there are some good reasons for that. However, Winshuttle Workflow includes a web part for displaying tasks assigned to the current user and this web part can easily be configured to roll up all tasks from Winshuttle processes across the SharePoint environment.

As illustrated in the diagram below, this allows you to have a site structure where you can take advantage of organizing processes in sub sites for certain groups of users but still be able to provide a universal task list spanning across all sites. Users focused on a specific business area can be confined to a specific sub site, whereas managers, generalists or power users that are active in many different business areas can use the top-level site as the single gateway to all processes.

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