Usability is not a luxury

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Sep 21, 2010

Usability used to be a luxury, but now is a requirement in B2C technology. If your technology is not intuitive, consumers won’t use it and you will fail. I remember when setting a clock on a VCR used to take an hour with an instruction manual. Not anymore. I plug in my blue ray player and it knows the time and date, and it even helps me program my universal remote. The contrast between B2B and B2C really hit after ordering a birthday gift in 1 minute on Amazon while waiting for the Ballard Bridge to close during my compute. Compared to the HOURS spent earlier in the day in usability Hades, slogging through various ERP systems performing activities that should be simple. When I chat with Winshuttle customers about usability, their B2B technology stories are even more gruesome than my own. Unfortunately for most of us, enterprise usability has not progressed as quickly. Steve Job has similar opinions —

The difficult part for me and other professional users is that the technology that we use at home is so much easier and productive than most of what we use in the office. We know there is a better way and that technology is not the factor preventing it. Product usability is what we are focused on at Winshuttle. Winshuttle 10 is the only the beginning –

Stay tuned, I will provide the details about the work we are doing at Winshuttle to help change the enterprise software industry.

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