Usability is about satisfying the user

By Acacia Krebs on Apr 29, 2011

In a previous blog post, I pointed out some of the reasons I tend to focus more on software users than I do on customers who buy our products, in my article: Interviewing Customers & Usability.

Since then, I came across a short video that helps clarify the distinction between designing software for users versus designing for customers. The video was created by my colleague, John Boykin, a web designer, who came up with a creative way to explain why his colleagues’ or clients’ opinions and preferences—including his own—are less important to him than those of the users of the sites he designs. His video is called, “Satisfy the Cat, a.k.a. User-Centered Design.”

Here at Winshuttle, we value interacting directly with users of our products to understand their opinions and preferences, to continually improve usability, and to best meet users’ needs in working with ERP data.

Satisfy the Cat: a.k.a. User-Centered Design by John Boykin at

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