Top 3 Reasons to Attend WUG 2016

By Yoon Chung on Jan 19, 2016

Several years ago, I was managing my company’s Winshuttle deployment and we got off to a slow start (I wouldn’t recommend a learn-as-you-go approach). I didn’t know it at the time, but I contracted an illness called the WUG-bug.

WUG-2016-registrant-countdown-Jan19 small

Have you experienced any of these symptoms?


  • Early stages of Winshuttle deployment
  • Itching to learn more ways to use Winshuttle
  • Need to improve your own Winshuttle solutions
  • Difficulty finding new use cases
  • Seeking best practices and additional training
  • Desire to engage in philosophical Winshuttle discussions


The Winshuttle User Group Conference (WUG) became the adrenaline shot my team needed to kick-start the deployment and deliver solutions across the organization. The WUG 2016 is a great opportunity to get out of the office, network with other users, hear how others are using the products, and immediately apply the knowledge to your organization. If you’re on the fence about heading to Vegas this month, or if it’s your first time attending, here are the top 3 reasons you should consider attending the WUG 2016:


It’s your biggest opportunity to hear from the experienced Winshuttle community

Whether you’re new to Winshuttle or a veteran, there will be someone that brings a fresh perspective to your use-case, process, question, or challenge. You’ll meet representatives from various industries, functions, and levels of business. You can also meet with the Winshuttle Support team to have a live troubleshooting session, so come prepared with some topics or questions you’re facing. There will be many opportunities to discuss with fellow Winshuttlers.


Best practice sessions

Thursday and Friday are dedicated to break-out sessions organized into specific use cases such as Finance, Master Data, IT, Order-to-Cash and much more. WUG speakers come from a number of industries in the community and backgrounds as well as Winshuttle employees. Don’t rule out a session just because it’s not in your domain; the Winshuttle led sessions use domain-specific examples but the tips & tricks can be applied to virtually any use case. Check out the agenda descriptions now so you can start planning your schedule, and look for keywords and SAP data objects that behave similarly to your own.


Great opportunity to learn the Winshuttle roadmap and receive valuable feedback

It’s important to understand that the products are heading in the right direction. As you learn about future product development, attending the WUG is a great opportunity to openly express your thoughts and feedback. You will have plenty of chances to speak with Winshuttle representatives and customer feedback makes us and the products better. One of the biggest updates, Studio v11, will debut at the WUG 2016. This is an overhaul of the Studio product line and will provide a more seamless and optimized user experience, and we’re excited to release it to our customers at the WUG! Also on the horizon is Winshuttle Online, our first step into the cloud. This is just a few of the benefits of attending the WUG conference in Las Vegas – don’t miss out on the biggest Winshuttle event of the year. We hope to see you there!

About the author

Yoon Chung

Yoon Chung is a Solutions Engineer at Winshuttle. Yoon has extensive experience supporting SAP and implementing solutions in a global manufacturing and operations environment. As a former customer, he managed the Winshuttle deployment for North America and helped build solutions across the supply chain. With a passion to help users and optimize processes, he aims to help you discover a different approach in managing your data.

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