Where to Turn in an Interesting and Unpredictable Year?

By Bill Wiseman on Dec 3, 2020

In this year, it is not surprising that many organizations began piloting remote work in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. In a Stanford survey, it was found that nearly half of all employees are working from home. How does this change the overall decision-making process for organizations?

Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile, summarized nicely when asked about his organization’s stance on remote work: “As long as we are getting the job done, we’re good with that.

In our informal polling of customers, we found that most organizations are satisfied with the productivity of employees in a remote environment. Beyond that, companies have agreed that employees are more engaged, connected and productive working from home.

Beyond the effects of working from home, how has working remotely and the impact of Covid-19 affected the decision-making process of organizations, and the strategies in place to counter issues in business and data processes.

Every organization needs to investigate the effects of the current crisis on their business and derive appropriate measures to take a clearly defined business strategy. Decision-making needs to involve a fact-based approach including the gathering of valuable information to assess different options that are available in this environment.

In this interesting and unpredictable year, organizations are looking to well defined, consistent and dependable solutions to business processes.

The good news is that over this period, Winshuttle has remained focused on solving the needs of our customers and ensuring their success. Our software enables our customers to create accurate data and speed up critical business processes. These core elements allow businesses to drive real time results and get the competitive advantage needed to thrive in this digital economy.

Within our portfolio, you have always been able to depend on our legacy Studio solution.  Studio, the market leader in Excel-to-SAP automation, assists you in creating and modifying thousands of master and transactional records.

Evolve, our flagship automation platform is designed to automate strategic data processes. Designed for business users, Evolve combines workflow automation, data stewardship and deep SAP integration capabilities. Evolve is powerful enough to support complex data processes and agile enough to change as your business processes change.

In order to manage the diversity across multiple systems, our Enterworks platform is a multi-domain platform used to create and maintain consistent, high quality master data and other critical data. Enterworks gives customers a unique mix of data quality, enrichment and syndication capabilities.

Although this year has been unpredictable and interesting, Winshuttle has delivered industry leading platform capabilities. Winshuttle is committed to improving data quality and business processes for our customers, so that they may be successful in their digital transformation efforts.

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Bill Wiseman

Bill resides in West Palm Beach, FL, with his wife Debbie of 35 years. He has 15 years of Software Presales experience in the SAP ecosystem, the past 10 at Winshuttle and prior to that, 20 years of experience in Public and Private Industry Accounting.

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