Winds of change

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Aug 29, 2011

There have been a number of recent changes to SAP installations resulting from the implementation of Basis Support Package 24 and these have the potential to seriously impact those Winshuttle installations using non-batch recording methods.

Looking into the Package for BASIS release 7.00 ( SAPKB70024 ) there are more than 500 notes in the release and 933 alone relate to the BASIS components.

Consider that Winshuttle products are SAP certified and that the certification is primarily around the Testing Workbench component BC-TWB-TST-CAT. Although Winshuttle products are not testing tools per se, there are components in the SAP landscape that are used for application testing that are leveraged by Winshuttle products (namely non-batch recording mode). Of specific interest with this release of support package is the SAP Note 1523808 (you need a SAP service market place ID to access this).

Additional authorization checks were introduced in this support package to close some gaps with respect to CATT or eCATT authorizations; concerns that were voiced by either security or audit analysts in the past.

While all the preceding comments and statements may appear to be gobbledygook to business users the net result is that some of your existing automations built with Winshuttle products may suddenly stop functioning and this may all happen without any prior warning. There are a couple of remediation paths that can be chosen to resolve this issue and of course the worst of these might involve rerecording your scripts in batch mode however as always, you are strongly urged to contact Winshuttle support who will walk through the possible scenarios you have available to resolve the problem.

As in the past, I cannot emphasize strongly enough, the importance of making sure that your IT support organization knows that you use Winshuttle products to create automations on your SAP system. I also strongly suggest that you get consideration from your IT leadership to ensure that when changes are performed on your SAP environment that Winshuttle objects are included in the testing mix for regression testing so as to ensure business continuity. Our most successful customers have averted disruption by detecting issues with upgrades well in advance of the actual implementation of the SAP changes and thereby reduced the risk of process down-time.

The days of being able to run automation scripts under the IT radar are ticking down and particularly when you depend on these powerful automations for key business processes and procedures. Get your IT groups to support and endorse your automation objects so that you can collectively take your SAP environment to even greater levels of ROI.

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