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By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Feb 15, 2011

For the last 2 years, I have served as the Program Chair of the Pacific Northwest ASUG Chapter. The Chapter covers the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. The goal of ASUG is to bring SAP users together, so they can get information and education on SAP and opportunities for networking with other SAP users and partners. Winshuttle has been a supporter of ASUG for many years. We have seen the positive response that SAP users have when they get to talk to others who are having similar issues in their SAP environments.

This past meeting was held at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center, which is a great location for a meeting. The staff there is one of the best I have ever dealt with while putting on a meeting and the space is perfect for our purposes.

I handled the registration table, which gave me a chance to see everyone that attended the meeting, as well as network and see old friends. The best part is getting to talk to Winshuttle customers. Some have met me before at training sessions or at previous ASUG meetings. They always have a story about how much they love Transaction and how much time they are saving. I feel like a proud father hearing about how Winshuttle has helped make their work easier or their job less laborious. Our customers’ success is what drives us to continue to improve and innovate. We really do want to find a way to help everyone.

Since I was working the registration table during the meeting, I didn’t get to attend the presentations. One of our customers, Amer Sports/Precor, was speaking upstairs on master data harmonization. They were talking about how they were managing master data from product idea to retirement, and they discussed their use of Winshuttle in their master data strategy. The audience was a mix of customers and non-customers, and someone let the group know that I was downstairs if there were any questions. A line of people came down the escalator and headed right for my registration table. I was a little worried that I was in trouble, but they all had questions about how they could use Winshuttle to manage their master data in SAP MM, SD, FICO, and HR. I even had an existing customer that was very excited to hear about Winshuttle Central, so he could finally manage all of the files and licenses for his company on MS SharePoint.

The meeting was positive for many reasons. For me, anytime I get to meet up and talk to our customers, it is a great day. Thanks and see you all at the next meeting!

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