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By on Jan 13, 2011

Every year we send out a survey to all the Winshuttle users. What has been great in the past is that we get a really good response with a lot of users completing a pretty lengthy survey (around 50 question on average over the last 3 years).

Luckily the trend continues – we only published the survey 36 hours ago and already we have over 500 responses which is fantastic. We send a detailed report to everyone who completes the survey, plus they get a shot at winning an iPad, so I don’t want to give away all the results but I thought I’d highlight a couple of results that jumped out at me that you might find interesting.

Firstly, the question of what version of SAP companies are using. Last year this was a 50/50 split between ECC 6.0 and earlier, but this year more than 65% of our customers are on ECC 6.0. There have been a lot of upgrade projects going on and this is definitely reflected in the data.

Secondly, what version of Winshuttle are you using? 45% of you are using version 8 with approximately 33% using version 10 – you may recall we skipped version 9 for reason I won’t go into here! So a lot of you are still running earlier versions and I’d encourage you to look into upgrading. It’s covered as part of your maintenance, is pretty easy to do, and you get new features and performance improvements.

Finally, our users gave Winshuttle good marks (4.2/5 for Products and 4.1/5 for People) overall and 98% of our users said they’d recommend our products to a colleague. We try very hard to produce high quality products and then support them to make sure our customers are satisfied and so it’s very gratifying to see that recognized.

The survey is open for a week, so we’ll be sending out a detailed report in the next couple of weeks. In the next post I highlight some more details from that analysis.

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