Winshuttle and “The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution”

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jul 10, 2012

After reading many articles on strategy and business execution over the years, I recently read the Harvard Business Review article -“The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution“. The article is 4 years old and worth a read if you haven’t done so. This article matches the work I’m doing around mapping Winshuttle solutions to strategic corporate initiatives. The article identifies “Information Flow” as a one of the key levers of organizations that excel at strategic execution. Measuring and collecting data associated with office process are key component of the “Information Flow” discussed in article. Master data is the DNA of all information that flows inside of an organization. Basic communication about customers, vendors, parts/materials and assets are extremely inefficient without solid data. Winshuttle products allow companies that use SAP to manage their data, leveraging the familiar and flexible Microsoft products (Excel and SharePoint). There a numerous case studies outlining real-world results: productivity doodles small

If you’d like to learn more about Winshuttle and master data management, there are a number of webinars explaining the Winshuttle master data solution: Master Data Webinars

I’d also encourage you to reach out to the Winshuttle team to discuss your companies specific master data issues and how we can help. Or e-mail me directly at and I can point you in the right direction.

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