Winshuttle’s Value in Digital Transformation

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Sep 7, 2016

Almost every enterprise is thinking about their digital strategy, and everyone seems to be talking about digital transformation. But what is digital transformation?? To summarize –

Depositphotos_11185941_original smallDigital Transformation is all about creating business value through new operating models and innovation enabled by technology. Transformation is also about how these business and technological innovations are adopted and how quickly innovations bring value to the organization.

Winshuttle Foundation enables your enterprise digital transformation in two ways:

  • Process excellence
  • Data Governance

Winshuttle enables you to define all your enterprise processes and complex business rules seamlessly in one platform, resulting in new digital operations and a new data governance model. It allows you to open and restructure your business so one team serves as a data owner and communicator between different groups. Data governance is all about giving the right data to the right person at the right time. Winshuttle validates data against business rules, allowing you to comply with your approval hierarchy and pass correct data to SAP.

Your digital workforce needs immediate insights into a process to plan for successful day-to-day operations or make better decisions quickly. With today’s demands, you need an agile, scalable platform that can be used in different areas of the business. Having a proven and user intuitive platform that can be managed by process or data owners makes it easy to train others and get up and running quickly. This makes Winshuttle an ideal choice for your digital platform!!

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