Working from Home: Buying in BULK

By Yoon Chung on May 26, 2020

By Bob Glitch and Yoon Chung on May 26, 2020

Working from home. What does that conjure up in your mind? Buying in BULK.

The long lines of people backed up at the Warehouse Stores waiting to go in to buy supplies one at a time.  The same thing happens when you are working from home, or even when you were working in the office in most cases.  Approvals come at you one at a time and you have to process them one at a time.  While Winshuttle doesn’t condone hoarding TP, we do condone Bulk processing Journal Entry approvals when we have time.  Especially when people are now working from home and have the added pressures of children, spouses, loved ones, and even pets vying for their time, it makes sense to do as much work in as little time as possible.

Winshuttle offers the Bulk approval for just this scenario in our Journal Entry workflow platform so why not take advantage of it. In the setup, it is a simple True/False toggle that is even easier than trying to buy 3 rolls of TP 😊. The amount of time that it will save you by being able to Bulk approve items will really save you time to sit around your house saying you have nothing to do.

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Yoon Chung is a Solutions Engineer at Winshuttle. Yoon has extensive experience supporting SAP and implementing solutions in a global manufacturing and operations environment. As a former customer, he managed the Winshuttle deployment for North America and helped build solutions across the supply chain. With a passion to help users and optimize processes, he aims to help you discover a different approach in managing your data.

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