Working from Home: Do you use a security token to log into your VPN?

By Yoon Chung on May 28, 2020

By Bob Glitch and Yoon Chung on May 28, 2020

At my last company, that’s how we connected to the network from home. The VPN session would last for 8 hours, at which point, we had to enter a new key to refresh the timer for another 8 hours. I’ve had many occasions where I’d lose my work because I lost track of time and my VPN session expired.

During month-end close, we would use Winshuttle Studio to load large journal entries into SAP. We would usually store our data file on a shared network drive and run the script from there. I’ve had moments where I lost my VPN connection in the middle of processing a large file. It must’ve processed 5-10 documents before disconnecting. When I went to re-open my data file, log messages and document numbers were blank. It looked like it didn’t run the file at all. I searched SAP and confirmed that some JE’s were processed. So what happened?

In Studio, there is an option for saving the data file at the end of a run or during a run. My setting was set to ‘at end of run.’ This meant that Studio didn’t have a chance to save the log messages because it couldn’t finish the run. After I changed my setting to ‘Save after [n] records’, Studio was able to save my progress while the script was running. The next time I lost VPN connection, my progress was saved up to that point.


If you don’t want to change your Studio settings, you could also try saving the data file to your local machine and run the script from there. By having the Excel file saved locally, you won’t lose the progress.

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