Working from Home: Has your daily Schedule changed?

By Bob Glitch on May 27, 2020

By Bob Glitch and Yoon Chung on May 27, 2020

If you have children, your neighbors have children, or anyone on your internet grid likes movies you have experienced slow internet speeds since the work from home movement. With the amount of video meetings happening daily and the VPN connectivity needed just to work, the internet speeds are bound to be slow during peak hours, especially during month-end close cycles. Luckily, Winshuttle has a solution for you, Scheduling. Winshuttle allows you to schedule your loads in SAP at any time during the day or night. So, you can create all of you Journal posting during the day and schedule them to run in the middle of the night when the band with is at its highest throughput.

Winshuttle offers two methods for scheduling. One is from the desktop which will load the data from Excel to SAP without the need for the user to click any of the load buttons. The other option is from the server which has a few more advantages on top of the desktop option but both will meet your needs for overcoming the low throughput during these work from home times.

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