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By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Nov 5, 2010

A customer at the WUG was commenting on one of their challenges being around ensuring that the Zip code in their Excel workbook was correct. As many of you are aware, incorrect Zip codes can lead to a wide variety of challenges not just in the logistics arena, but also in finance (sales tax jurisdiction) and of course it can mess with your statistical analysis in a variety of other areas too, take voting for example.

Not only do Zip codes change as a result of Zip code rezoning, but new zip codes are added and whole suburbs reclassified – remember that the Zip code is the USPS way to get your mail to you in an efficient way.  Timely updates to your SAP system can of course be achieved through integration, but what do you do in MS Excel? You don’t want to keep extracting data from your SAP system simply to ensure that your Zip codes are up to date, additionally, having a list of Zip codes is ok, but doesn’t tell you whether the address that you have entered actually matches up with the correct Zip code.

Through some sleuthing here at Winshuttle, we came up with a couple of options for you to consider, some of which allow you to make real time connections to an online address verification and Zip code validation resource over the internet.

If you’ve implemented these or something similar, we would love to hear about it

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