Building an MDM Roadmap? Gartner MDM Critical Capabilities Report is Here to Help

By Kerry Young on Feb 21, 2019

Are you working on building your MDM roadmap? The 2019 Gartner MDM Critical Capabilities report was just released, and it aims to provide some help for companies planning an MDM implementation.

EnterWorks performed in the “Gartner Critical Capabilities for Master Data Management Solutions” report as the only vendor to achieve improved competitive ranking in all six MDM use cases across customer data, product data, multi-domain and multi-vector MDM.

EnterWorks also
achieved above-average scores for 12 of 13 assessed Critical Capabilities, as
well as strong marks in core
functionality for buy-side and sell-side product data use cases, where the EnterWorks
MDM solution
excels, including: 

  • Workflow/BPM
  • Loading/sync/business services
  • Hierarchy management

This research follows Gartner’s companion
Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions
in January,
where EnterWorks was positioned in the Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant for the third
consecutive time, and achieved improved
positioning for the ability to execute since the previous MQ.

EnterWorks and Gartner Critical Capabilities for MDM

released this new research to focus on the customer experience with a vendor’s
technology and its depth of offering for key MDM capabilities and use cases.

report evaluated vendors on 13 critical capabilities in MDM and the vendor’s
ability to support the six major MDM use cases: B2B and B2C customer data,
buy-side and sell-side product data, multi-domain MDM, and multi-vector MDM.

Gartner reports, the EnterWorks
Enable MDM solution received:

  1. Above-average
    scores from surveyed reference customers for all but one of the assessed
    critical capabilities.
  2. Strong
    scores for workflow/BPM, loading/sync/business services, and hierarchy
  3. Its greatest advance in ranking for capability in addressing performance / scalability /
    availability / security, where EnterWorks tied for third best among the 14
    vendors evaluated.

This recognition is especially important for EnterWorks Multi-domain Experience Management (MxM) umbrella offering, which has MDM as a core enabler for our customers as their central data management and insight hub for B2B, B2C, and business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) business models. Our customers serve a variety of industries and require an MxM solution to enable differentiated digital and physical experiences to their customers, associates, and trading partners in the context of their product and service offerings.

Other Key Takeaways from the Gartner MDM Report

This year’s Gartner
MDM Critical Capabilities report takes a unique perspective on the
“inherent complexity of MDM.” Because there is no “silver
bullet” solution, Gartner suggests that companies follow a use-case-based
approach that data and analytics leaders can reference during vendor MDM
evaluations. Gartner also notes:

  • Selecting the right packaged MDM
    solution requires a clear understanding of how it can meet current and future
    business requirements.
  • Companies can focus on prime use cases and accelerated time to
    business value, as successful MDM implementations start with a single domain
    and use case. 

Gartner’s research also focused on the top organizational requirements for which MDM solutions are purchased. These include operational business efficiencies, improving business process agility and outcomes, and improving customer relationships.

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Helping You on Your Path to Master Data

Building an MDM roadmap isn’t easy. That’s why we provide an extensive list of resources to help you understand the crucial capabilities of MDM and ways to make your implementation smooth and efficient. Visit our Resource Library and dive in!

We also invite you to learn
about what makes EnterWorks Multi-domain MDM
uniquely-suited to meet your evolving
business and technology needs.

Critical Capabilities for Master Data Management Solutions, Simon Walker, Alan
Dayley, Michael Moran, Bill O’Kane, Sally Parker, 11 December 2019

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