Two Crucial Steps to MDM User Adoption

By Kerry Young on Dec 11, 2020

High user adoption is a critical success factor for Master Data Management (MDM) initiatives – both in terms of benefits and risks.

Engaged users often seek out and discover new use cases for the platform, which leads to continued success. On the flip side, when stakeholders don’t feel empowered to incorporate MDM processes into their daily work, an MDM implementation can fizzle out or fail to reap ROI.

So, what can you do to improve MDM user adoption? Let’s look at two crucial steps.

#1: Choose a Configurable MDM Platform

MDM should serve as a hub for better business, not just better data. This approach begins with platform selection.

The right MDM platform should be accessible beyond IT. Business teams – such as Sales and Marketing – and data stewards (who may have other day-to-day jobs) must feel comfortable utilizing the platform’s capabilities to make a deeper impact on the business.

What types of features can help business users work faster and smarter?

  • First, a “configure not code’ design helps business teams reduce their dependency on IT, empowering them to accomplish their goals with speed and agility.
  • Second, a dynamic role-based user interface (UI) is key. With an intuitive solution, non-technical users feel more confident and can get up to speed quickly. For example, a wizard-driven interface greatly simplifies tasks, and drag-and-drop modeling can help users automate complex processes.
  • Third, an extremely flexible and configurable data model (that’s open and extensible) helps businesses tackle enterprise complexity without actually feeling overwhelmed.

With these crucial features, MDM business users can gain agility, experience fast time-to-value, and benefit from a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) – all of which leads to business success.

#2: Prepare Your Team with Change Management

While choosing the right platform is foundational, it doesn’t guarantee a successful MDM program. If employees don’t buy into the new processes, it can undermine essential elements like data quality and governance. If you want organization-wide engagement across departments, you should consider leveraging a configurable MDM platform along with proven change management techniques.

Sally Parker, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, notes, “Enterprise MDM software is no silver bullet.” Instead, you need the right people, process, and technology.

Change is never easy, and the last thing you want is for valuable team members to feel like an MDM implementation is happening to them. Instead, help your users embrace the idea that they are integral in developing the processes that directly impact their roles and feel confident those processes will benefit their departments.

For example, Winshuttle customer Animal Supply Company experienced change management success by taking two key actions:

  • Communicating with leaders through a steering committee and regular, focused meetings.
  • Asking each department about the challenges they’ve faced, with regular check-ins on how attitudes about the system are evolving.

These actions broke down common barriers to change, and helped the enterprise move forward with a more unified culture surrounding data.

So, how can your organization benefit from change management? If you don’t have in-house resources,  Winshuttle has an amazing network of EnterWorks partners that know how to work with businesses of all industries and sizes to nail the nuances of user adoption and program effectiveness.

What Culture Will You Create?

In today’s competitive digital economy, having better data will only get you so far. You must empower your business teams to test and scale new business models, channels, and tailored offers quickly, and make the day-to-day adjustments to their processes and data necessary to keep pace with a dynamic business landscape.

Creating a culture of speed and agility is challenging, but selecting a configurable MDM platform – with the right processes and training – gives organizations the tools they need to succeed.
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Kerry Young joined EnterWorks in 2006 when Ennovative, Inc., the multi-channel publishing software company he co-founded, was acquired by EnterWorks. He directs EnterWorks’ operations and leads EnterWorks’ professional services and consulting organization, ensuring effective customer implementations and ongoing success. Mr. Young brings more than 25 years of technology and business management experience to EnterWorks, having served as CTO for a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company, and earlier as VP, Information Technology for Marshall Industries, a $1.7 billion industrial electronics distributor. He previously managed information systems for a subsidiary of McDonnell Douglas Corporation. Mr. Young holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and an M.B.A. from California State University Fullerton.

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