Why Every Oracle Commerce ATG Platform Needs PIM

By Kerry Young on Aug 29, 2017

In today’s fiercely competitive omnichannel environment, businesses can be held back by the inadequate technology behind their sales points. That’s why many companies support their ecommerce endeavors with Oracle Commerce. The top-ranked Oracle ATG web platform powers a host of the world’s biggest brands, many of which are converging this week at the Oracle Commerce Users Group Pipeline Pros event.

Oracle ATG offers a long list of powerful features. However, its vastness also results in a system that can be challenging to master, even with ATG tutorials. This is particularly true for beginners or those struggling to resolve issues that arise. Many of its modules, like the Business Control Center (BCC), take considerable time and training to understand. So, how do you crack the code?

Answering that question leaves many businesses forced to choose between losing efficiencies or hiring costly IT consultants to customize and support the Oracle ATG system.

In fact, one blogger noted, “If you are able to get good knowledge of ATG, you will be most the wanted person all over the world.” Well, that’s great for IT contractors. But not so much for cost-conscious businesses.

How can you launch an advanced ecommerce platform like Oracle ATG while keeping a competitive pace?

Think of Oracle as a powerful vehicle for your ecommerce success. The complexities of its tools, however, can leave your business spinning its operational wheels. A Product Information Management (PIM) system can shift it into drive.

Without an enterprise-wide PIM platform, content generation for products can be a lengthy and complicated process wrought with errors. This impacts your business in areas including data quality, speed-to-market, global expansion, operations, customer satisfaction, and more.

It comes down to flexibility and functionality. For companies struggling to effectively harness the power of Oracle ATG without a flexible back end, it can feel like trying fit a square peg in a round hole. A PIM and Master Data Management (MDM) platform solves this problem on both the business and the technology side.

EnterWorks PIM puts content generation back in the business users’ hands.

By integrating the EnterWorks Enable™ PIM/MDM platform with Oracle ATG, businesses get a total solution for ecommerce success.

The Enable™ platform puts product content generation and management back in the hands of your business users. Enable offers integrated tools for Oracle ATG support. A snapshot includes asset creation, swatches support, and automated workflow, as well as a unique preview feature.

Functionality such as web hierarchies, item master, and variant attributes allows your business to efficiently create, manage, synchronize, and syndicate high-quality product information pulled from a trusted central repository.

If you’re an Oracle ATG Commerce user, Enable™ PIM may be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Want to learn more? The IT Managed Services experts at Tenzing are sharing the power of PIM with Oracle Commerce users this week at Pipeline Pros. If you missed the event, we invite you to download our paper, Oracle ATG Users: Gain a Competitive Edge with Enable™ PIM or contact us to learn more from our experts.

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