Oct 12- Oct 14, 2015

IDQ Summit



Join Winshuttle at the IDQ Summit October 12-14 in Baltimore, Maryland.


Don’t miss Winshuttle’s own Jim Barker, data governance expert’s breakout session:


Defining and Establishing DataOps

Tuesday, October 13th | 1:55 – 2:40 pm | Harbor C

In an environment where individuals use applications to drive activities from what book to purchase, what film to view, to what temperature to heat a home, data is the critical element.  To make things work data must be correct, complete, and accurate.  Many firms view data governance as a panacea to the ills of systems and organizational challenge while other firms struggle to generate the value of these programs.  This session outlines a conceptual framework that could be described as a “House of Data Governance.”  This framework could be used to organized and execute a data governance program that is either just starting or needing to be reset.  The goal for this conceptual framework is to establish a way to achieve DataOps.

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The Pier 5 Hotel, Baltimore, MD