SAP Master Data

Empower business teams to accelerate master data processes and improve data quality across your SAP landscape—and deliver maximum business impact from your ERP investment.

Winshuttle master data solutions overview

Watch a 3-minute video to get an overview of how Winshuttle software enables you to improve master data quality and streamline business processes at scale in your organization. Learn how you can make an impact on any master data with software built for the business and approved by IT.

Under Armour

Learn how Under Armour, a major innovator in performance apparel, streamlined their seasonal product creation process with Winshuttle Studio, reducing manual data entry by 80% and empowering end-users to run data transfers without excessive IT intervention.

Evolving Digital Into a Competitive Advantage

Learn why automating processes in your SAP ERP core is critical for the success of your digital transformation, which SAP processes are prime candidates for automation, and which technologies work best to digitize these processes at speed and scale.

How to start and build a successful SAP data management program

If you’re responsible for improving the quality SAP ERP data, this eBook is for you. Get a high-level overview of what to consider if you’re building an SAP data management program from scratch or looking for ways to boost the performance of your current program.

Streamline your SAP customer onboarding process with Winshuttle Evolve

See how to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create and extend customers in SAP while improving data quality with Evolve—a state-of-the-art forms and workflow platform designed to automate strategic data processes.


Read how the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and food service products shortened their material master item setup from 28 days to two weeks and realized productivity savings costs amounting to $1.3 million per year.

Update equipment master data fast with Excel and Winshuttle Studio

See how quick and easy it is to update equipment master data records with Winshuttle Studio–an Excel-based SAP automation platform.

Where SAP MDG and Winshuttle Foundation fit into an SAP data management and automation portfolio

Learn how to make the most of your limited SAP IT budget and resources by choosing the right solution for the task at hand.

Streamline vendor master data while increasing data quality and compliance

See how to create new master data records faster with a forms and workflow solution that ensures that you adhere to your business rules and procedures and improves the quality of your vendor master data.

Create and update materials & BoMs fast with Excel and Winshuttle Studio

See how to create SAP-enabled Excel solutions that speed up the creation and maintenance of materials, BoMs, and other master data while improving data quality.

Speed through mass changes to customer master data with Excel and Winshuttle Studio

See how to use an Excel-based solution to speed through creating, extending or changing large numbers of SAP customer master records.

Monster Energy transforms its product launch processes with Winshuttle

Learn how this fast-growing, global beverage company digitized and transformed their SAP launch processes with Winshuttle’s NPI solution.

Best practices for accelerating SAP product launches

If you work for a large manufacturer that uses SAP ERP and want to streamline your product launch process this eBook is for you. You’ll learn why increasing the speed and scale of your product launches is imperative and get concrete information on how to make that happen.

Winshuttle New Product Introduction (NPI) solution overview

Watch a 4-minute video to learn how Winshuttle’s NPI solution can reduce your SAP product launch cycle time by 50% or more.

Digitize your SAP product launch processes and get to market faster

Get an overview of Winshuttle’s New Product introduction solution—a flexible platform for digitizing the collection of material master and other product data for any product launch type, from net new products to packaging changes.

New Product Introduction solution brief: consumer goods

The rise of the millennials, disruptive market entrants, and rapidly changing technology are transforming the food and beverage industry. Learn how you can dramatically reduce your time to market by digitizing and streamlining your new product introduction process.