Jan 15, 2019

A Fast 3 Step Alternative to LSMW

Find out why Winshuttle Studio is a more powerful, business-friendly alternative to LSMW that allows you to: Reduce your dependency on IT for SAP® data loading needs Get up and running quickly using an easy 3 step process to move data between Excel and SAP® Have data loading scripts ready to use in hours Easily identify and correct errors

Oct 19, 2018

Smith’s Detection

See how Nik Pattni and his team at Smith’s Detection replaced LSMW with Winshuttle and empowered their business users to write their own solutions without programming.

Oct 15, 2018

A Fast 3 Step Alternative to LSMW

Learn about an LSMW alternative that allows you to take control of SAP business processes, reduce your reliance on IT and improve productivity.

Sep 28, 2018

Optimise and Automate Data Management for SAP (APAC)

Imagine the positive impact on your business if users: Spent less hours manually entering data into SAP. Didn’t waste time chasing stakeholders for request approvals or hunting for lost documents. Could make more informed decisions through better access to SAP Data. Join this webinar to find out how you can: Integrate Microsoft Excel and WebForms with SAP to eliminate manual data entry and improve data accuracy. Automate processes across SAP modules such as HCM, FI/CO, MM and SD. Make SAP business users more productive without adding to IT workload. Stay flexible and get the most out of SAP, without compromising… Read more

Jul 19, 2018

Engie UK

Major organizational changes like acquisitions are difficult to manage from a master data point of view, particularly when using inflexible tools like LSMW. Learn how global energy leader Engie UK replaced LSMW with Winshuttle, streamlined SAP uploads and validation with Excel templates, and allowed the business to take control of their data.

Jun 29, 2018

Wie lange wollen Sie noch warten? Wechseln Sie jetzt von LSMW auf Winshuttle!

Noch immer laden viele Unternehmen Daten entweder manuell in SAP – was sehr zeitraubend und mühsam sein kann – oder sie nutzen Programme wie LSMW für den Massen-Upload von Daten. Ein verhältnismäßig unflexibles Tool, das nie für Anwender ohne technische Kenntnisse gedacht war und dessen Benutzung in der Regel zu Engpässen in Unternehmen führt, da dies auf Grund der komplexen Handhabung in der Regel nur von der IT genutzt werden kann. In unserem Webinar am 25. Juli um 14:00 Uhr erfahren Sie, warum Winshuttle Studio eine anwenderfreundliche Alternative zu LSMW ist, die Ihnen erlaubt: Daten einfach, schnell und in hoher… Read more

Feb 12, 2018

Une alternative à LSMW

Lors de ce wébinaire, découvrez comment : Réduire significativement le temps de développement des scripts via un process en 3 étapes, comparé à 14 pour LSMW Intégrer nativement les scripts dans Excel et de créer des conversions avec formules Créer des boucles ou des conditions sans programmation supplémentaire Quid du LSMW dans S4/HANA ?

Jan 22, 2018

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks

Learn how Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks, the world leader in manufacturing, laying, and maintaining submarine cables, empowered business users with greater SAP accessibility using Winshuttle.

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