Aug 17, 2017

Alternative to LSMW: Technical Brief

Business teams have a great demand for data uploads/extractions in and out of SAP and have traditionally relied on technical tools such as LSMW for those tasks, which brings a significant, unpredictable amount of work for IT to support the business. IT often becomes a bottleneck at supporting the business in creating and maintaining scripts. Current tools lack flexibility and are not scalable, while the cumbersome error-handling can cause huge delays when running the scripts. Winshuttle Studio offers an easy, flexible alternative to LSMW that can reduce the burden on IT, as it minimizes the time needed for developing templates… Read more

Jun 30, 2017

A Fast 3 Step Alternative to LSMW (EMEA)

LSMW’s highly technical process to upload data to SAP and developer level access requirements make it difficult for business users to utilise. You need a solution that allows you to take control of SAP business processes, reduce your reliance on IT and improve productivity.

Jun 29, 2017


Find out how Groupe L’OCCITANE uses Winshuttle as an easier, faster alternative to LSMW to manage over 300 000 products in SAP, and improve data quality and productivity.

Nov 28, 2016

Simplify your SAP Data Migration

Data migrations are common at any organization whether you’re migrating from manual paper-based systems or transitioning from one computer-based system of record to another. In this eBook, we will explore some of the core tasks associated with data migration and illustrate how Winshuttle can be valuable in each phase of your migration.

Sep 16, 2016

Harris Scarfe

Find out how Harris Scarfe utilized Winshuttle Studio as an easy, fast alternative to LSMW, freeing up IT and the business for higher value tasks, and saving $400K AUD in SAP article maintenance.

Sep 16, 2016

Surrey County Council

Find out how Surrey Council utilized Winshuttle as a business-friendly alternative to LSMW, allowing them to increase process efficiency and implement a proper audit trail.

Jul 18, 2016


Find out how one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies utilized Winshuttle as an easy alternative to LSMW and empowered business users to manage a SharePoint based workflow process, enabled by IT.

Jul 11, 2016

Technology Company

Learn how one of the longest running and most influential technology organizations improved data quality and accuracy by utilizing Winshuttle Studio as a faster, more user friendly alternative to LSMW.

Sep 3, 2013

ConsolGlass South Africa

Transactional processing and vendor master creation can be extremely time consuming and labor intensive, especially when there is a dependency on LSMW. Supply Chain Management Business Analyst Dietrich Miller describes how Winshuttle enabled Consol Glass to update 17,000 vendor master records in just 30 minutes by using templates, a process that previously took 5 – 7 days.

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