Master Data

Apr 29, 2019

Simplify SAP Master Data Management using Excel

Research firm Gartner estimates that bad data can cost large organisations $14.2 million dollars per year. With data fast becoming your most critical strategic asset, you need to ensure the influx of data in your SAP system is properly maintained and controlled. This webinar will show you how to automate the creation, validation and maintenance of mass volumes of master data, reducing manual work, and eliminating bad data at the point of entry. Watch this webinar to discover: How data has become both a strategic opportunity and serious barrier to business growth How there is a quick and easy solution… Read more

Mar 18, 2019

How to Tackle the Top 3 Challenges with Materials and SAP Product Data

There’s a mountain of master data needed to manufacture products in SAP—and all that data needs to be created and updated. Learn how to stay on top of mass maintenance tasks, speed up product launches, and improve the quality of all your SAP product data with automation and data management solutions from Winshuttle.

Mar 13, 2019

How to tackle the top 3 challenges with materials and SAP® product data

There’s a mountain of master data needed to manufacture products in SAP—and all that data needs to be created and updated. In this webinar you’ll learn how to: Accelerate all your mass creation and maintenance processes Speed up your product launches Improve the quality of all your SAP product data (not just materials)

Feb 14, 2019

Preiskonditionenpflege in Verbindung mit SAP® leicht gemacht

Die Preiskonditionenpflege im SAP-System ist aufwendig, kann fehlerbehaftet sein und nimmt häufig unnötig viel Zeit von qualifizierten Mitarbeitern in Anspruch. Wir zeigen Ihnen Ansätze, den Prozess mit Winshuttle zu verbessern, ohne dafür die IT Abteilung einsetzen zu müssen. Die Fachabteilungen können selbständig Änderungen an den Preiskonditionen vornehmen und diese massenhaft automatisiert in SAP® ändern. Wir zeigen Ihnen: Wie die Massenänderung schnell und einfach über Excel umgesetzt werden kann. Wie Staffelpreise gepflegt und geändert werden können. Aus einem Praxisbeispiel zeigen wir und unser Partner Kentivo Ihnen, wie ein Kunde bereits Winshuttle zur Pflege der Preiskonditionen einsetzt. Fehlerhafte Preiskonditionenpflege gehören in diesem… Read more

Jan 28, 2019

New Product Introduction Solution Description

Learn how Winshuttle’s New Product Introduction solution enables your organization to digitize and accelerate any product launch process. Read how this strategic and modular product launch platform can help you get products to market faster, improve launch status visibility and product data quality.

Jan 28, 2019

How to start and build a successful SAP® data management program – APAC

Whether you’re building an SAP® data management program for the first time or looking for ways to increase your program’s impact on the business, learn valuable tips including how to: Get and keep funding for your program Establish a common language for all parties involved with improving data quality Engage the business at all stages of your program Empower the business to build solutions that implement business rules and streamline processes Bridge the data management gap experienced by many organisations

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