Master Data

May 23, 2018

Höhere Stammdatenqualität – Bessere Wartungsprozesse dank Winshuttle!

Sie alle kennen vielleicht folgendes Szenario: Ihr Wartungsteam steht unter großem Druck die Effizienz zu erhöhen und Risiken zu minimieren. Aber wie treffen Sie kluge Entscheidungen wenn Ihre SAP-Daten nicht korrekt, unvollständig oder sogar widersprüchlich sind? Mit Winshuttle sind neue Daten von Anfang an richtig und bleiben es auch, wenn Sie Anlagegüter und Infrastruktur anschaffen oder stilllegen. Das Ergebnis: höhere Produktivität, weniger Aufwand bei der Datenpflege und ein sinnvoller Einsatz Ihrer Mitarbeiter. Erfahren Sie mehr in unserem Webinar am 7. Juni um 14:00 Uhr. Gerne stehen wir Ihnen vorab für Fragen unter der 0049 89 580 444 213 zur Verfügung.

Apr 26, 2018

Simplify Master Data Maintenance in SAP Using Excel

Find a flexible and secure solution for your daily material, customer, pricing, vendor or cost center master data maintenance needs. With data fast becoming our most critical strategic asset, we need to ensure the influx of data in our SAP systems is properly maintained and controlled.This 45 minute webinar will show you how other companies have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their process, including reducing their error rate from over 20% to less than 1%, improving their data loading time from 6-8 weeks to minutes, and achieving a 34% reduction in costs while handling a 45% increase in volume… Read more

Apr 26, 2018

Improve Your Material Master Data with Web Forms

The creation of new Material Master data in SAP is a lengthy, cross-functional process involving departments such as logistics, manufacturing, sales and purchasing. This process chain, plus the involvement of various stakeholders, can lead to errors with far-reaching consequences for the company. Learn how Winshuttle can help you create Material Master data using web forms, include validation rules in your forms, control processes via workflow, and identify incorrect data before loading.

Apr 20, 2018

Améliorez vos processus SAP Plant Maintenance

Découvrez comment aider vos équipes de maintenance à automatiser la création et la maintenance des équipements, des articles et des master data. Rejoignez-nous pour ce webinaire et découvrez comment améliorer les opérations de Plant maintenance et la qualité de vos master data SAP. Winshuttle peut vous aider à : – Augmenter l’efficacité opérationnelle, diminuer les coûts de maintenance, et réduire les risques de panne des équipements – Identifier et corriger les données erronées ou incomplètes facilement et rapidement – Permettre à vos équipes de passer moins de temps à gérer les données – Saisir des données dans SAP correctement dès… Read more

Mar 29, 2018

Optimise and Automate Data Management for SAP

Watch this webinar to find out how you can integrate Microsoft Excel and WebForms with SAP to eliminate manual data entry and improve data accuracy, automate processes across SAP modules such as HCM, FI/CO, MM and SD, make SAP business users more productive without adding to IT workload, and stay flexible and get the most out of SAP, without compromising security or governance.

Feb 21, 2018

Create plant maintenance order

This Winshuttle Studio template is for mass creating multiple plant maintenance orders, and each order can have multiple line items. In the Loop ID Column (column D), enter H for your header data and D for the line item data.

Feb 12, 2018

Improve process efficiency in Shared Service Centres

For many Shared Service Centres it’s their SAP data processes that are proving to be the bottleneck in delivering a faster, more cost-effective service. In this webinar we’ll discuss the barriers to efficient processes and how we can help you lower your cost per transaction across core areas including: Order-to-Cash, Hire-to-Retire, Record-to-Report, Procure-to-Pay and Master Data Management.

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