Plant Maintenance

Apr 20, 2018

Améliorez vos processus SAP Plant Maintenance

Découvrez comment aider vos équipes de maintenance à automatiser la création et la maintenance des équipements, des articles et des master data. Rejoignez-nous pour ce webinaire et découvrez comment améliorer les opérations de Plant maintenance et la qualité de vos master data SAP. Winshuttle peut vous aider à : – Augmenter l’efficacité opérationnelle, diminuer les coûts de maintenance, et réduire les risques de panne des équipements – Identifier et corriger les données erronées ou incomplètes facilement et rapidement – Permettre à vos équipes de passer moins de temps à gérer les données – Saisir des données dans SAP correctement dès… Read more

Apr 13, 2018

Drive efficiency across your SAP plant maintenance processes

Learn how to empower your maintenance teams to automate the creation and maintenance of equipment, materials, and other master data. Join us to learn how to streamline your PM operations, and improve master data quality. Find out how Winshuttle can help you: Improve operational efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and reduce risk of equipment failure Identify and correct missing or inaccurate data quickly and easily Enable your skilled personnel to spend less time on data management and more time doing core maintenance planning Get SAP data right the first time as you acquire and retire assets and infrastructure

Feb 21, 2018

Create plant maintenance order

This Studio v11 template is for mass creating multiple plant maintenance orders, and each order can have multiple line items. In the Loop ID Column (column D), enter H for your header data and D for the line item data.

Feb 7, 2018

Create Document

Use this Winshuttle Studio 11 template to create documents and upload files to the SAP Document Management System.

Jul 18, 2016


Find out how one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies utilized Winshuttle as an easy alternative to LSMW and empowered business users to manage a SharePoint based workflow process, enabled by IT.

Aug 28, 2013


Learn how Pharmascience utilized Winshuttle to automate manual processes via forms and workflows, giving them greater visibility into how they could improve maintenance practices— like identifying usage bottlenecks and tracking service-level metrics.

Jul 24, 2013

SAP Plant Maintenance Challenges

This paper covers five common data management challenges faced by plant maintenance professionals and offers guidance on how to meet these challenges and maximize SAP Plant Maintenance effectiveness.