Supply Chain Management

Mar 15, 2018

Data Quality Matters

In this article, learn why it’s important to maintain high-quality SAP supply chain data, and how you can apply continuous improvements to SCM processes.

Dec 15, 2017

Smiths Detection – CONNECT 2017

Nik Pattni from Smiths Detection explains how his organization used Winshuttle to eliminate data bottlenecks and streamline their supply chain processes.

Sep 19, 2017

Ordonnancer efficacement et simplement dans SAP : “le PFM”

Utiliser le PFM dans SAP c’est à la fois mettre en œuvre une logique de pilotage des flux à la pointe du progrès, et également s’appuyer sur la puissance et l’efficacité de SAP. Avec Winshuttle, implémenter le PFM dans SAP vous donne 50% de gain de temps de cycle en 3 mois. Agenda : Présentation du besoin opérationnel Présentation de Winshuttle Présentation du déploiement de la méthode PFM Ce webinar est organisé en partenariat avec BFC Consulting et TEXELIS.

Nov 10, 2016

Are you collecting material data for new products fast enough?

Join us to discover what CPG industry leaders are doing to improve time to market, and speed up the new product introduction (NPI) process. In this webinar, learn about common roadblocks to reducing cycle times and emerging solutions that allow you to: – Improve material data quality and accuracy – Automate manual data collection processes – Stay ahead of market demand

May 11, 2016

How to Reduce Waste and Add Value to Your Supply Chain Processes with Winshuttle

This white paper is an overview of two of the main challenges faced by SCM professionals who work with SAP, which are the need to increase employee productivity and the need to reduce stock levels. Utilizing the Winshuttle platform, SCM professionals can overcome these challenges by reducing the waste within their processes to become a high performance organization.

Mar 15, 2016

Best Practices for Building Mass Maintenance Solutions with Studio

In this webinar, find out how to create solutions using updating options as granular as you’d like and execute everything with a single option. It’s time to stop creating “FrankenScript” monsters, and modularize your solutions to speed up development time and decrease ongoing maintenance.

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