Consumer packaged goods

Compete with trusted CPG data & experiences with Multi-Domain MDM

In the digital world, CPG companies must find new ways to optimize the customer experience, respond with agility to evolving business models, and become the trusted source for the product content consumers crave.

Leverage Data Across Domains to Deliver Compelling Brand Experiences

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is experiencing unprecedented change, and with it, an evolution of business models. CPG manufacturers and brands must respond to a deeper level of interaction with consumers, as well as increased pressure to collaborate with retailers and suppliers to personalize offers and improve omnichannel experiences.

The EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) platform is designed to help CPG companies drive differentiation, make operations more efficient, and improve the commerce experience for their customers.

Leading CPG companies – including HP Hood, Fender, and Mary Kay – rely on the EnterWorks platform to transform their business. Along with proven technology, we apply a deep understanding of the unique challenges that CPGs face. For example, delivering omnichannel product content to consumers, managing trading partner relationships, and complying with regulations regarding sourcing, ingredients, labeling, and packaging.

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Break through data silos

While some companies struggle to keep up due to manual processes and outdated back-office systems, organizations that utilize Multi-Domain MDM can leverage a combination of customer, product, supplier, and location data to improve merchandising and assortments to satisfy when, where, and how your customers prefer to shop.

EnterWorks Multi-Domain MDM provides CPG enterprises with a complete set of tools to acquire, normalize, enrich, and syndicate cross-domain data across touchpoints. Multi-Domain MDM helps CPGs manage multiple domains of data and easily link objects from those domains to create dynamic virtual relationships. The platform allows businesses to advance from collecting data across single domains to connecting data domains for insights and intelligence.

The solution features advanced and innovative capabilities in areas ranging from data quality and embedded product standards to exceptional performance scaling that easily accommodates large manufacturers. With GDSN Major Release 3 (MjR3) certification, manufacturers can achieve a simplified syndication process to both GDSN and non-GDSN target locations.

Leverage customer data to improve offers and experiences

Today's CPGs can benefit from managing both B2B customer data and end-customer data. Multi-Domain MDM helps manufacturers identify activity around a customer and update the profile accordingly. For example, if a consumer fills out a form online about a product, the system can collect data about their household, demographics, preferences, and buyer behavior. This data can be leveraged to improve product design and offers.

For B2B customers, the platform maps their role and demographic information, as well as takes in financial and geographic information on the company's business and operational locations.

It's also critical for CPGs to track their customers' business data along with product, location, and supplier so that – in the case of product recalls – quick action can be taken to pull products from the supply chain or shelves.

Deliver the product content customers demand

Shoppers are more discerning than ever before, pushing for detailed information about the products they consider for purchase – for example, whether ingredients are free from allergens or sourced from environmentally-responsible growers. They want this information while in the store using their mobile phone, or while buying online. If shoppers can’t locate the product details they want, they are quick to move on to a competitor's product or brand.

For CPG enterprises, high-quality data is crucial to delivering a transparent shopping experience. Multi-Domain MDM with Product Data Domain ensures the manufacturer remains the trusted source for product details and information. It also helps them comply and prepare for ever-evolving product and packaging regulations.

EnterWorks MDM with Digital Asset Management (DAM) also helps CPGs provide the rich product content that B2B customers require and end-customers demand. With DAM, companies can deliver images, documents, templates, audio and video files, and more. Assets are centrally stored and managed through the MDM system, with capabilities to link relationships and associating assets to information for consistency and easy tracking, searching, and reporting.

Improve vendor collaboration

Multi-Domain MDM with Supplier Data Domain provides a centralized platform for standardizing vendor information and processes across brands and geographies. CPGs can maintain and optimize relationships between vendors and manage high-quality data about the ingredients sourced from vendors, how and where ingredients were used, what products contain those elements, and where those products were sent. A Supplier Data Domain also helps CPGs optimize their supply chain and get products into the hands of their consumers, with the pricing and assortments that meet their needs.

Add insights with location, asset, and reference data

Adding a Location Domain enables CPGs to manage information related to customer locations, manufacturing plants, warehouses, regions, and more. Adding the context of ``Where`` to other data domains – including Product, Supplier, etc. – helps CPGs improve business decisions, cost savings, and analytics.

Manufacturers can also benefit from an Asset Data Domain to manage information around physical assets, like equipment parts and maintenance, as well as intangible assets such as trademarks or recipes. Maintaining asset data enables manufacturers to stay on top of time-based renewals and maintenance requirements to ensure safety standards are met and operations run smoothly.

Reference Data can also be managed when it comes to how and where products are manufactured – for example, color standards, units of measure, or currency exchange rates for pricing transformations in different countries.

Rely on a market leader

EnterWorks is the most powerful and flexible Multi-Domain MDM solution on the market today, backed by a team of experts providing unparalleled support and integrated innovation such as cloud deployment, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Adobe® InDesign & Publishing, Automated Workflow, Globalization, Syndication, and Supplier Portal.

EnterWorks' MDM customers include some of the largest manufacturers and brands in the world. Our market leadership demonstrates how our unparalleled Business-to-Business-to-Customer (B2B2C) collaboration capabilities enable retailers and brands to gain cross-domain intelligence and respond to the demand for rich, omnichannel content in the customer's channel of choice.