Customer Master

Correct customer data every time

Eliminate data entry errors such as incorrect shipping or billing addresses, enable all departments to seamlessly work together to create and update customer master data, gain a competitive advantage by improving customer data management, and provide superior customer service, and easily adapt to business growth and changing needs by empowering your sales, operations, customer service and accounts receivable teams to author customer master data processes in minutes instead of days or weeks.


Keeping customer master data up to date is essential for business operations. Bad customer master data results in missed or incorrect orders, negatively impacting the bottom line and your customers’ experience. Without high-quality data, you will have limited visibility to make smart sales decisions and capitalize on opportunities to save costs in fulfillment and post-delivery activities.

How to Solve the Top 10 Customer Master Data Challenges in SAP eBook

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SAP Customer Master demo
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Winshuttle allows you to create and maintain quality customer master data using familiar tools you already know and have like Excel. This market-leading solution provides a business-driven approach to creating and adapting master data processes without any required programming.


Data Validation

Validate customer master data requests at the point of entry against rules inside and outside of SAP.

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Mass Maintenance

Perform mass customer maintenance directly from Microsoft Excel without programming.

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Data Governance

Create role-based and traceable customer governance processes that route delivery change requests to different stakeholders for input, review and approval.

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Process analytics

Monitor and track customer creation and maintenance processes for performance insights and ensure complete accountability with audit trails for every SAP customer master data transaction.

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