Customer Master

Book orders faster

Customers are the lifeblood of your organization. Get them into your SAP system faster and ensure your customer master data is right the first time, so you can book orders sooner, avoid costly shipping and invoicing errors, and have happier customers and sales teams.

Speed up mass customer master create and change requests using Excel

Your organization can quickly become overwhelmed with a backlog of customer master create and change requests. Empower people in the business to build Excel-based solutions that accelerate mass create and update scenarios, such as when you acquire a new company or need to extend customers to a new sales organization—cases where you may need to touch thousands of records—a slow, error-prone and tedious task if done through the SAP GUI.

See how to speed through mass maintenance tasks using an Excel-based solution:

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Customer Master Demo

Watch the customer master demo

Customer Master Demo

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Onboard customers faster while increasing data quality and compliance

Speed up day-to-day customer master creation and update requests by 50% or more with a forms and workflow solution that improves data quality and ensures your processes are always followed.
Empower people without SAP technical programming skills to build flexible workflow solutions that can handle any customer account type, collect necessary paperwork, and make audits easy—all at a fraction of the time and costs associated with IT-centric tools and without risk to SAP data security.

See how to create new customers using a forms and workflow solution:

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