Mass Data Maintenance

Create and change sap data Faster using Excel

There’s a lot of master and transactional data to create and maintain in your SAP ERP system. Speed through mass create and update tasks using an Excel-based solution that eliminates manual data entry through the SAP GUI.

Reduce data entry time by up to 98%

Improve data quality

Give people more time to work on higher-value tasks, improving morale

Ensure SAP permissions are respected

Empower business teams to speed through mass data creation and maintenance tasks

Manually creating or updating hundreds or thousands of records in SAP wastes time, drains morale, and introduces errors, and your SAP IT team has a backlog of automation requests from the business. Empower your SAP analysts or super users to build Excel-based solutions using Winshuttle Studio that securely exchange data with your SAP system in the background.

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Customer Master Demo

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Winshuttle gives us the ability to do things we weren’t able to do before. Our business users can now quickly, efficiently and automatically upload master data information, as well as easily manipulate data already in SAP.

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Proven time savings

Find out how much time you can save by automating your SAP master and transactional processes with Winshuttle software.

Time savings for the top ten processes by line of business

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Excel Workflow Demo

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Get mass maintenance efficiency while complying with your procedures

If you need to build in approval steps for your mass creation or change data management tasks, turn to our Excel workflow solution, a part of Winshuttle Foundation. This flexible solution enables you to route Excel files to the appropriate people or departments in your organization for data input and approval, validate the data, then auto post to SAP.

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Winshuttle gives us the benefit to run reports, and we can easily see what our time savings is – with our top 10 transactions alone, we saved 22,500 hours in a single quarter.

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