Mass Data Maintenance

Perform mass maintenance utilizing Excel

Instantly eliminate data entry errors, seamlessly process mass data transactions across your organization, leverage strict adherence to SAP governance and security with full transaction rollback, perform mass maintenance directly from Microsoft Excel without programming, and obtain trusted master data that creates a competitive advantage for your business.


SAP mass data maintenance can be a challenging process due to the amount of time required for processing and the inherent nature of data integrity issues associated with manual data entry. Updating thousands of material, customer or vendor master data records is fraught with data inaccuracies, and consumes days, if not weeks, resulting in process interruptions across the enterprise.


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Mass maintenance

Mass maintenance


Winshuttle enables business users to execute data queries and extract large numbers of SAP master data records directly from Excel. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Winshuttle and Excel, users can easily update the extracted records.

Once data has been updated in the spreadsheet, users can run a mass data transaction simulation to validate all updates using Excel and SAP-based rules. Any irregularities or omissions resulting from this simulation can then be addressed and corrected prior to updating SAP. Users can also leverage the SAP “F4 lookups” directly from within Excel while entering data.


  • Leverage Microsoft Excel and Access to eliminate master data errors.
  • Perform mass maintenance directly from Microsoft Excel without programming.
  • Seamless cross-organization workflow enables efficient mass data maintenance processing, review and approval, with one-click validation and updating to SAP.
  • Pre- and post-validation, transaction simulation and strict adherence to SAP security and governance ensure that mass maintenance retains the highest integrity of data.
  • Line of business teams can author and adapt SAP mass data maintenance processes in half the time it takes ABAP and Basis developers.

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