Data Validation

Leverage powerful data validation

Eliminate data entry errors before uploading master data to SAP, utilize seamless point of entry validation across the organization, enforce business rules both inside and outside of SAP, and empower business teams to author and adapt data validation rules in half the time it takes ABAP and Basis developers.


Data validation ensures clean, correct and useful data. But user interface complexities, ineffective mass maintenance of master data and poor governance can severely hinder this process, leading to an influx of bad data and large financial losses. Overcoming these challenges typically requires rigorous and expensive programming, steep investments in IT resources and very long periods of change management.

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Existing material details

Existing material details


Winshuttle allows business users to easily create and maintain a wide variety of data validation rules for SAP master data creation and maintenance transactions, without any programming. Winshuttle validates master data requests at the point of entry against rules inside and outside of SAP.

SAP master data objects are rigorously tested at multiple validation stages, including pre-validation at data entry and simulated transaction. This means virtually no time is required for validating and cleansing data at the actual upload stage. Empowering the business to own SAP master data validation not only reduces the work downstream, but also allows the user with specific knowledge of the master data object to ensure that it correctly meets business process requirements.


Rigorous review:

Multi-step validation process ensures that data entry errors are identified and resolved before master data is uploaded to your SAP system.

Point of entry rules enforcement

Validation rules are easily enforced at each point of data entry as users across your organization create and update master data.

Rule enforcement inside and outside of SAP

Validation occurs not only with existing SAP system business rules, but also with rules that authors place at the point of data entry.

Line of business rule authorship

Functional business teams can author and adapt data validation rules in half the time it takes ABAP and Basis developers.