SAP Asset Accounting

Minimize asset register errors and increase capital efficiency

Complete timely asset creation with coordination among all involved parties, get accurate, accessible real-time assessment and reporting of asset status, respond to business events like mergers, and implement structured, standardized procedures for asset verification, transfer, revaluation and retirement.

The Challenge

Asset accounting involves a large number of complex, time-based operations that must be coordinated among multiple individuals and systems to ensure accurate financial, tax, and physical records. SAP provides excellent tools for managing this complexity, but the large volumes of data, stringent reporting requirements, and demand for change in response to business events make maintaining correct asset accounting in SAP difficult and time intensive.

Automating FB50 with Winshuttle Transaction

Asset accounting data entry

Asset accounting data entry

The Winshuttle Solution

Winshuttle for SAP Finance gives analysts and finance professionals the power to optimize asset accounting operations using familiar tools and existing skills, without writing code or making extensive changes to the SAP environment. Build data and workflow automation solutions that use SAP logon credentials and surface native SAP functionality to provide a better user experience without compromising security or performance.


Data entry

Record scripts to execute AS01, AS02, AS11, ABUMN, and other common asset accounting transactions and embed them in a spreadsheet or web form to give users a simple UI and eliminate the need to transcribe data.

Mass data operations

Utilize Microsoft Excel as a secure interface to perform batch operations without having to write custom code or rely on complicated third party solutions.

Process automation

Use Winshuttle’s drag and drop design environment to rapidly create workflows for gathering, validating, and approving asset data before making changes in SAP, reducing the need for corrections and promoting adherence to compliance policies.

Tactical reporting

Safely download SAP asset accounting data for more frequent monitoring of asset status and location and to help expedite audits.


Customers using Winshuttle for SAP Finance to optimize asset accounting operations are experiencing significant cost savings and improved performance, allowing them to:

  • Accelerate asset creation and change.
  • Eliminate ghost and zombie assets.
  • Standardize asset life cycle management processes

It's been a huge time saver and great tool for improving our accuracy.

Lana Andrews
Fixed Asset Accountant