SAP Asset Accounting

Simplify complex asset accounting processes

Asset accounting involves some of the most data-heavy, complicated recurring finance processes. They can be tedious, manual, and ripe for data errors and governance challenges. Winshuttle offers a comprehensive SAP automation platform to simplify and speed up asset accounting processes and improve data quality.

Automate mass data changes

Simplify complex processes

Gain control of time-sensitive activities

Automating asset accounting

Simplify asset accounting processes

Winshuttle Studio gives asset accounting teams a customizable platform to meet their automation needs. Using Winshuttle Studio, accounting teams can quickly and accurately update and change massive numbers of asset accounts. And do this while maintaining compliance, improving data quality, and eliminating manual SAP data entry processes.

Asset Management AS01 demo

Asset Creation

Asset Creation

Streamline complex asset accounting processes

For more complex asset creation and management processes that require input and validation from multiple users, or that need to create new equipment in SAP automatically, Winshuttle Evolve delivers business-friendly and role-based forms that enable distributed teams to contribute specific data in a governed, step-by-step process.

Fixed asset with equipment demo

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