Asset Change AS02

Implement automation improvements around SAP asset creation

Create assets in SAP quickly and effectively

Winshuttle eliminates the need for time-consuming data re-entry by enabling users to implement SAP asset creation templates that do not require programming. Through the use of Excel, Access, web forms and other methods, users can create asset entries in SAP based on the standard AS01 transaction or with a customized version of the SAP transaction.

Employees can start an asset record creation process with multiple participants ahead of creating any records in SAP.

Improve data quality of asset information in SAP

Companies that use SAP asset management require broad support for a number of asset related processes and procedures.

Completing all of the requisite information ahead of entry into SAP can be time consuming and involve a high degree of complexity. If a large number of assets need to be created, the data may already be coming from an external system or supply schedule that is provided in an electronic format.

Without the need for programming businesses that use Winshuttle can create interfaces from data sources like Microsoft Excel that can be used to pre-validate data ahead of entry into SAP and after verification actually create asset records directly in SAP. This process avoids the inefficiencies of transcription of data into SAP screens and obviates the need for the creation of custom programs for mass creation of assets.

Streamline the SAP Asset creation Process

The gathering of asset related information may be unstructured and inconsistently applied by employees and vendors alike and this can lead to incomplete or incorrect asset records. The tasks required to create intelligent and correct data may often have many redundant sub activities that can add to the time and cost of completing the SAP asset creation task. Winshuttle supports the ability to define prescriptive templates that are more simplified than the capabilities of the standard SAP screens and which can improve data quality.