Planning & Budgeting

Better access and visibility of planning data

Shorten your budget cycles by optimizing your SAP budget planning processes. Consolidate historical data from multiple disparate sources, secure data extraction from tables, infosets, and logical databases, and create workflows to drive every step of your budget process.

The Challenge

SAP provides an extremely flexible set of tools for budgeting and planning, but using them effectively requires collecting large amounts of data from many disparate sources. This flexibility can lead to a time consuming and unstructured process that causes the final budget and forecasting numbers to remain out of date, or not in a format that is useful or actionable.

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KP06 Budgeting Lookup with Forms

Budget query

Budget query

The Winshuttle Solution

Winshuttle for SAP Finance gives analysts and finance professionals the power to optimize budgeting and planning processes using familiar tools and existing skills, without writing code or making extensive changes to the SAP environment. Build data and workflow automation solutions that use SAP logon credentials and surface native SAP functionality to provide a better user experience without compromising security or performance.


Data entry

Finance teams can use Winshuttle enabled spreadsheets to consolidate data from disparate sources and upload it to SAP; or to create statistical key figures, make adjustments to CO-PA data, and perform other ad-hoc data operations that are difficult when used in SAP.

Mass data operations

Complex simulations and non-standard forecasts often require large scale data manipulation to populate SAP with needed data. With Winshuttle, you can use Microsoft Excel as a tool for securely creating and changing large data sets in SAP.

Process automation

Budget and planning is process intensive. Winshuttle’s easy to use Workflow design tools allow organizations to automate routines for data collection, routing, approval, and other core functions.

Tactical reporting

Winshuttle provides secure tools for ad-hoc data extraction from SAP tables, allowing for flexible data migration and custom reporting that makes budget data available to managers and decision makers.


Customers are using Winshuttle for SAP Finance to:

  • Optimize budgeting and planning.
  • Improve data accuracy.
  • Achieve better governance of Microsoft Excel.
  • Streamline processes for improved efficiency

The combination of Winshuttle and SharePoint provided a workflow platform that is fast to deploy and easy to use — all while integrating with our SAP system.

Tim Baker
Vice President of IT