SAP finance automation

Drive productivity and agility

Finance automation initiatives are becoming ubiquitous in today’s connected, digital world. For many SAP finance organizations, however, the challenge is finding an automation platform that can address multiple use cases in SAP quickly and efficiently.

Get faster processes and better data

Invest once and automate across your SAP landscape

Get the agility you need to meet changing business needs

3 Tips for finding the right SAP finance automation platform

Why an automation platform built for SAP?

If you run your business on SAP, you quickly discover that automating your finance and accounting processes is not easy. Your SAP ERP system is complex, requires specific knowledge, and doesn’t always play well with other systems. General purpose automation tools, simply won’t cut it.

Agility and competitive advantage


Digital transformation efforts accelerated during the pandemic


Are likely to invest more in technology than in people.

KPMG 2020 CEO Outlook COVID-19 Special Edition

67% of global CEOs agree with this statement:

Acting with agility is the new currency of business; if we are too slow, we will be bankrupt.

KPMG's 2019 CEO Outlook

One flexible SAP automation platform, many uses

Implement SAP process automation solutions quickly and at scale with the Winshuttle automation platform. Our low-code/no-code platform empowers your business teams to help drive your finance automation initiatives with minimal IT engagement.

Desktop Automation


Excel Workflow

Form & Workflow

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Desktop Automation

Eliminate tedious, error-prone manual data entry

Accelerate processes across your SAP finance landscape, minimize journal entry errors, reduce closing time, and manage mass data changes—all while using Excel to automate manual SAP processes.

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Enable better automation for distributed teams

Manage and run SAP finance transactions on a server to realize greater efficiencies while also helping your IT department better manage VPN gateway traffic.

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Process Automation

Drive greater efficiencies throughout complex SAP processes

The Winshuttle automation platform reduces workflow cycle times and improves compliance. Automate processes to run sequentially or in parallel, create workflow loops, utilize bulk task reassignment and out-of-office functions, and set-up email reminders and notifications to keep processes running on time.

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Benefits of the Winshuttle automation platform

Eliminate error-prone, manual SAP processes

Speed up SAP finance processes

Improve data quality in your SAP system

Improve audit performance

Scalability across the SAP landscape

Flexibility to adapt to multiple SAP use cases

Built-in governance and compliance

Integrated workflow for files and forms

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