SAP finance automation Ecosystem

Get better results with our automation ecosystem

Automating end-to-end finance processes can be daunting, requiring different systems and technologies to work together seamlessly. A curated partner ecosystem delivers a selection of complementary tools that increase your likelihood of automation success.

Automate end-to-end processes

Connect SAP and non-SAP systems

Monitor and improve process efficiency continuously

The Winshuttle automation partner ecosystem

Winshuttle has assembled a partner ecosystem that helps you bridge the gaps between systems and achieve your finance automation goals more easily.

Process Mining

Discover, monitor,
and analyze

Capture and input


System of record


Connect disparate systems

SAP Process Automation

Simple SAP data exchange processes


Complex SAP business processes

Most end-to-end process automations that include SAP break down into four areas:

Process Mining

Discover process inefficiencies and deliver ongoing monitoring and analysis of process improvement.

Capture and Input

Sources of data for end-to-end processes

  • Unstructured data: Data that is not in a specific, defined format or structure. Common unstructured data examples are paper, pdf, or email invoices.
  • Structured data from other systems: Data that comes from other systems of record such as Salesforce and is a perfect application for our partner’s RPA tools.

Connect and Orchestrate:

End-to-end process automation that involves multiple systems and processes using one of our RPA partners

SAP Process Automation using Winshuttle

  • SAP data exchange processes include mass data updates, data changes, and migration initiatives. This type of SAP process can be automated using Winshuttle Studio alone or in conjunction with an RPA tool
  • Complex SAP process automation with Evolve is for processes such as account creation that require input from multiple individuals, contingent review and approvals, and tight governance of data and files.

Do not try and make one RPA tool answer all your organization's automation needs.

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