Shared Services

Optimize your SAP shared service center operations

Enable your teams to process more SAP transactions faster, with better data quality, and higher compliance, and drive greater efficiencies across your organization. All with an automation platform built for SAP.

Improve SSC performance

Eliminate manual SAP data entry

Automate complex processes

Optimize SAP usage for financial shared services

Winshuttle supports shared services through streamlined, high performance delivery mechanisms for data collection, review and processing. This enables users to simplify, standardize, and automate key business processes to meet service level agreements at a lower cost per transaction.


Transform your SAP Finance operations

Finance transformation initiatives involve integrating captive, outsourced, hybrid, onshore or offshore shared services, and can disrupt the way business operations are executed.
With Winshuttle for SAP finance, you can minimize the impact on operations by adding more participants to end to end processes or redistribute licenses. Winshuttle scripts and templates can be modified or quickly recreated by the business, without having to rely on IT delivered solutions.

Simplify SAP financial process management

Empower business unit application developers (BUAD) in small shared services groups with a robust and reliable toolset to automate SAP transactions and queries.

Winshuttle Studio allows you to create lightweight, high performing integration scenarios that can be deployed in minutes and augmented with workflows. This is ideal for processing manual journals, and expense and claim processing, as well as other areas of master data that have thousands of items with many data attributes. Complex approval matrices can be incorporated into any process, and approval requests can easily be completed via email.



Standardize SAP data collection, approval and posting management

Winshuttle’s template-based approach for creating SAP integration enables new personnel to quickly pick up tasks from those who were previously responsible for data preparation, collection, review and final posting in SAP. Data can easily be prepared, compiled or distributed in Excel workbooks, and Access databases. Winshuttle Foundation users have multiple options for data staging as well as single record and SmartTable forms with workflow.

Improve compliance, auditing and service management

The integrated experience of Winshuttle’s data submission, validation, approval and final posting to SAP provides a detailed, verifiable and irrefutable audit and compliance history that supports confidence in the low risk use of SAP by shared services organizations. Audit reports and process overview reporting APIs support sophisticated dashboards and KPI reporting.



Secure and reliable SAP integration

The Winshuttle platform supports the development of Microsoft Office or forms-based processes for single record creation and maintenance activities. Integration scenarios can cover finance journal vouchering, internal orders, vendor and customer creation and maintenance, credit memos, purchase requisitions and orders, expense claims and budget allocations and reallocations.

Reduce costs and save time

For over 17 years, the Winshuttle automation platform has helped shared service centers reduce the cost of managing SAP data, improve process efficiency, and deliver higher quality service.

T-Code T-Code Description % Time Saved # of Customers Avg Days Saved
FB01 Post Document: Header Data 99.4% 430 4,726
XD02 Customer Change 98.2% 805 394
FB50 Enter G/L Account Document: Company Code XXXX 99.4% 375 129
AS02 Change Asset 98.2% 484 128
FB02 Change Document 98.6% 357 123
XD01 Customer Create 99.6% 633 105
XK02 Vendor Change 98.1% 721 78
FB60 Enter Vendor Invoice: Company Code XXXX 99.5% 348 71
AS01 Create Asset 99.3% 384 64
XK01 Vendor Create 99.5% 601 52

Drive efficiencies in shared services centers

For multi-function shared service centers, the Winshuttle platform works across SAP ERP modules. You can invest in the platform once and achieve automation success throughout your SAP landscape.

Automating SAP processes throughout finance

Journal Entries

Fixed Assets

Invoices and Payments

Finance Master Data Creation & Maintenance

Cost Accounting and Budgeting

Internal Orders & Projects

Review and Approval Workflows

And across your SAP landscape

Materials management & product launches

Plant Maintenance assets, plans & processes

Customer onboarding & maintenance

Vendore onboarding & maintenance

Finance & accounting data & processes

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