SAP General Ledger Master Data

Simplify general ledger account creation and maintenance

Poor data quality, complex account creation processes, and the strict need for governance make G/L master data some of the most challenging to manage in SAP. The Winshuttle finance automation platform delivers options for G/L account creation and management that meet whatever needs your company has.

Automate G/L account management

Improve G/L data quality

Streamline complex G/L account creation

Automate and simplify G/L account creation

The Winshuttle platform offers flexibility for creating G/L accounts using a form, deploying a solution that delivers flexible, role-based views to individuals for completing the account creation process. This form solution follows your business rules, uses smart-logic to determine the workflow, and maintains governance and audit rules.

Cost center hierarchy maintenance demo

Cost Center Hierarchy

Better G/L account management

Desktop automation is perfect for G/L master data management, where you have mass updates or migrations to support. It is a highly efficient way to migrate accounts between systems for merger and acquisition activities.

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The Winshuttle platform for G/L account processes

Our flexible platform gives you the option of choosing what type of automation is best for each of your G/L account processes. Whether you are adopting a current Excel-based account management activity for desktop automation or re-engineering your account creation process to leverage the benefits of a business-friendly form, the Winshuttle platform does not force you into a solution that is not right for your business.

Improve your general ledger master data processes with Winshuttle