A faster, better close

Think of the financial close process as having two distinct sets of activities: One is countless administrative tasks, the other is transactions needed to complete many of these tasks. The faster and more accurate you conduct the transactions, the quicker you can complete the administrative tasks and close the books.

Increase closing efficiency through faster transactions

Improve data quality for fewer corrections

Govern processes for better audit performance

Drive a faster, more efficient close with automation

Some Winshuttle customers report seeing 30-50% efficiency gains in their closing process by using Studio to automate many of their transactional activities.

Managing the closing tasks

Managing & orchestrating closing tasks
Automating closing tasks
Reporting & compliance
Process improvement

Automating manual transactions

Entering accruals/deferrals
Journal entries
Clearing GR/IR
Posting payments
Pricing updates, etc…

Improve closing task management

The Winshuttle platform enables a complete closing management option that helps you automate many of the administrative tasks. You can track, monitor, and review closing tasks all within Winshuttle Evolve.

Watch the Winshuttle Closing Management Solution demo

Improve closing transaction efficiency

Winshuttle Studio delivers desktop automation capabilities that allow you to automate many of the manual SAP transactions associated with the financial close. You no longer have to worry about journal entry processes or account updates.

See how Winshuttle improves the journal entry process

We don’t ever want to go back to our lives before Winshuttle—especially with how easy it’s made annual statements!

Corinne Fortin
Administrative & Financial Director
Institut Paseur

How the Winshuttle platform supports the closing process