Better reporting governance and management

The Winshuttle automation platform can do more than just manage SAP business processes. It is an excellent solution for managing review and approval workflows for mission-critical reporting files that may not involve SAP.

Govern reporting file workflows

Simplify reporting audits

Extract data from SAP for reporting and analysis

Flexible Routing Options

In many companies, reporting is still a manual process involving routing, reviewing, and approving Microsoft Excel files via email chains. This process creates a significant risk of reporting inconsistencies, file corruption, and the inability to track file movement and changes, creating considerable audit failure risks. The Winshuttle platform enables you to deploy either sequential or parallel file management processes with ease, whichever works best for your business.

Step-by-step checks with sequential routing

Sequential routing enables contributors to provide data to the process one at a time, proceeding to the next step after completing their required fields.

Faster input via parallel routing

Parallel routing enables each contributor to provide their data simultaneously and can significantly speed up processes.

Create timely ad hoc reports

Use desktop automation for exporting live SAP data to an Excel spreadsheet for immediate analysis. You can also use the Evolve platform to manage, track, and govern the Excel files used for analysis and reporting activities.

Winshuttle eliminates the risks and delivers a flexible solution that can include conditional routing schemes, centralized file management, and review and approval tracking for streamlined reporting.

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