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Bring your furnishings enterprise into the digital age

Bringing furniture merchants and brands into the digital age requires complex coordination between a vast network of systems and data domains. Multi-Domain MDM helps businesses thrive with streamlined catalog production, fast product launches, personalized offers, supply chain optimization, and improved analytics.

MDM Helps Furnishing Providers Respond to a Rapidly Changing Market

Furniture retailers, manufacturers, and distributors are no strangers to the challenges of an ever-evolving marketplace. When you combine the rapid growth of eCommerce with a changing consumer base and disruptive innovation, it’s clear that furniture providers face significant challenges and an opportunity to evolve and grow. Multi-Domain MDM enables enterprises to lay the right foundation for digital transformation and leverage cross-domain intelligence to thrive amid market shifts.

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Deliver a differentiated experience with configurable furniture offers

Offering configurable products helps furniture providers deliver a customized, personalized experience. For example, a shopper can visit a furniture merchant’s eCommerce site and select a certain category of sofas. This populates options including size, fabric, color, and more. With each selected option, the platform generates features and accessories for the customer to select, many of which are based on previous selections. At the end of the process, the customer has a product tailor-made for them. The system can then pull in pricing and availability based on location, parts, or supplier inventory to drive fulfillment timing and options. The unique ability to offer configuration is based on several features offered within the EnterWorks platform.

“Delayed SKU” support

Delayed SKU enables the generation of a SKU “on demand” based on a unique order. This is a crucial benefit for many retailers. As an order is placed on the website for a configurable product, a SKU can be created on the fly within the platform based on the options the customer selects. That information can be passed on to an order management system.

Data syndication and Oracle ATG integration

A key benefit is the ease of integration with an ERP and syndication from the platform to downstream systems, including an order management system and eCommerce sites. The platform also offers unique, integrated tools for Oracle ATG support, including asset creation, swatches support, web hierarchies, item master, and variant attributes. In addition, a unique test site feature allows users to view web content in a preview format to navigate and test content before going live.

Simplified web assortment creation

With EnterWorks MDM, enterprises have the ability to slice and dice an assortment of variations to create a more targeted assortment (i.e., leather vs. fabric). Automated SKU association and bulk product creation can be enabled for the web and syndicated as needed. With the EnterWorks platform’s unique features, a business can store the data and rules that go along with it, feeding this information directly into a configuration engine.

Leverage and protect customer data

Leveraging customer data to personalize the shopping experience is key to winning sales and loyalty. With MDM and the Customer Data Domain, businesses can capture data around buying habits, demographics, preferences, and more. Companies can use this information to market to shoppers and build customer loyalty.

Along with leveraging high-quality customer data to drive analytics, organizations must ensure that customer data is secure. Data security processes are vital, yet they can result in costly implications for organizations if their data is disorganized, disconnected, and unregulated. Implementing an MDM solution helps your organization achieve and secure a central repository of data – monitored and managed along with data governance, data quality, and security standards and regulations.

Deliver compelling product content

EnterWorks MDM with a Product Domain helps furniture enterprises deliver rich product content consistently across channels and gain insights throughout the data lifecycle. The advanced and agile platform enables companies to acquire, manage, and transform product information into persuasive content. This enriched content helps enterprises grow digital sales and drive new competitive strengths across eCommerce, mobile, print, and in-store channels.

Drive sales and marketing lift with a new catalog approach

Catalogs remain a vital part of the furniture market. In addition to their traditional job in direct sales, they now serve as “valets” that guide customers to digital sales channels. The goal is to immerse your customers in an environment of seamless purchasing opportunities. Leveraging the EnterWorks platform with integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) and publishing tools, users can centrally manage content to ensure consistency and accuracy, repurpose the content across all print and digital channels, and streamline and automate tasks involved in catalog design and production.

Support supply chain and vendor collaboration

Multi-Domain MDM with Supplier Data Domain offers furniture companies the ability to provide accurate data on inventory levels per supplier and improve collaboration. Knowing supplier inventory helps determine when to place orders, which is crucial to meeting expectations when customers order online for delivery or in-store pickup. Supplier Portals also help retailers simplify and speed product onboarding, as well as aid in content enrichment.

Add location context to your data

Keeping track of data by location is crucial for furniture companies in order to continue meeting the demand of customers. Businesses can leverage Multi-Domain MDM with Location Data Domain to add the context of ``Where`` to other data domains – including Product, Supplier, etc. – to improve business intelligence and analytics. This can help your business improve forecasting and keep shelves (digital or otherwise) stocked. It can also help enterprises inform customers when to expect products to arrive, understand their fulfillment options, and make a selection that meets their needs.

Take a proactive approach with asset data

Furniture enterprises can also benefit from an Asset Data Domain to manage information around physical assets, such as equipment or delivery trucks, as well as intangible assets such as trademarks or leases. Maintaining asset data enables businesses to stay on top of time-based renewals and maintenance requirements to ensure safety standards are met and operations run smoothly.

Rely on a market leader

EnterWorks is the most powerful and flexible Multi-Domain MDM solution on the market today, backed by a team of experts providing unparalleled support and integrated innovation such as cloud deployment, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Adobe® InDesign & Publishing, Automated Workflow, Globalization, Syndication, and Supplier Portal.

EnterWorks’ market leadership demonstrates how our unparalleled Business-to-Business-to-Customer (B2B2C) collaboration capabilities enable retailers and brands to gain cross-domain intelligence and respond to the demand for rich, omnichannel content in the customer's channel of choice.