Transform your HVAC business with member-ready MDM

When HVAC enterprises and distribution cooperatives need a central repository of high-quality data, they turn to EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management, featuring unique capabilities for Member MDM.

Deliver the High-Quality Data Your Members and Customers Expect

The expansion of sales channels and data complexities have put companies specializing in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) on a path to digital transformation. To compete in this evolving marketplace, leading HVAC manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are turning to EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management.

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The Leading Choice for Member MDM

Member Groups and Industry Associations are increasingly engaged in helping their members enrich data and address gaps in content quality. EnterWorks offers a market-leading MDM solution that’s uniquely-positioned to help industry groups transform the way their members collaborate and compete with high-quality customer-centered offers. The platform features an easy-to-use interface and best-in-class configurability. We’ve honed the process of onboarding vendors and helping organizations implement a solution that’s successful from the start, yet can develop as your business evolves.

Providing rich and accurate content on our products is critical to our business. Our Members and Customers rely on our product content; in HVAC distribution when something breaks you’ve got to locate the right part quickly! With EnterWorks, we collaborate with suppliers using the Vendor Portal to create and enrich our data for a consistent customer experience across our print and digital publication channels.

Laura Schultz
Director IT and PMO
Johnstone Supply

Say goodbye to data silos and manual processes

While some companies struggle to keep up due to manual processes and outdated back-office systems, HVAC organizations that utilize Multi-Domain MDM can leverage combinations of product, customer, asset, supplier, and location-specific information to utilize contextual data as a secret weapon to success.

The EnterWorks Multi-Domain MDM solution provides B2B and B2C enterprises with a complete set of tools to acquire, normalize, enrich, and syndicate cross-domain data across touchpoints. Multi-Domain MDM helps companies manage multiple domains of data and easily link objects from those domains to create dynamic virtual relationships. The platform helps businesses advance from collecting data across single domains to connecting data domains together for insights and intelligence.

The solution features advanced and innovative capabilities in areas ranging from data quality and embedded product standards to exceptional performance scaling that easily accommodates large HVAC enterprises. With GDSN Major Release 3 (MjR3) certification, companies can achieve a simplified syndication process to both GDSN and non-GDSN target locations.

Leverage customer data to improve offers and experiences

Today’s HVAC enterprises can benefit from managing both end customer data as well as B2B customer data. Multi-Domain MDM helps these companies identify activity around a customer and update the profile accordingly. For example, if a consumer fills out a warranty card, the system can ingest marketing data about their household, demographics, preferences, and buyer behavior. This data can be leveraged to improve product design and offers. For B2B customers, the platform maps their role and demographic information, as well as takes in financial and geographic information on the company’s business and operational locations to improve operations and offers.

Deliver reliable and compelling product content

EnterWorks MDM with a Product Domain helps HVAC enterprises manage extensive product data and attributes, deliver rich product content consistently across channels, and gain insights throughout the data lifecycle.

For HVAC companies, managing product data for a vast number of products, with possibly thousands or even millions of attributes, is a daunting task. Multi-Domain MDM with Product Data and Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps companies deliver the rich product content that trading partners require and end-customers demand. With DAM, companies can deliver images, documents, templates, audio and video files, and more. Assets are centrally stored and managed through the MDM system, with capabilities to link relationships and associating assets to information for consistency and easy tracking, searching, and reporting.

Drive sales and marketing lift with a new catalog approach

Catalogs remain a vital part of the HVAC industry for systems and parts. In addition to the traditional role in direct sales, catalogs also serve as “valets” that guide customers to digital sales channels. Leveraging the EnterWorks platform with DAM and publishing tools, users can centrally manage content to ensure consistency and accuracy, repurpose the content across all print and digital channels, and streamline and automate tasks involved in catalog design and production.

Support supply chain and vendor collaboration

Multi-Domain MDM with Supplier Data Domain offers HVAC companies the ability to provide accurate data on inventory levels per supplier and improve collaboration. Knowing supplier inventory helps determine when to place orders, which is crucial to meeting expectations when customers expect orders or parts to be delivered. Supplier Portals also help companies simplify and speed product onboarding, as well as aid in content enrichment.

Add location context to your data

Keeping track of data by location is crucial for HVAC companies in order to continue meeting the demand of customers. Businesses can leverage Multi-Domain MDM with Location Data Domain to add the context of ``Where`` to other data domains – including Product, Supplier, etc. – to improve business intelligence and analytics. This can help your business improve forecasting and keep shelves (digital or otherwise) stocked with parts and products. It can also help enterprises inform customers when to expect products to arrive, understand their fulfillment options, and make a selection that meets their needs.

Take a Proactive Approach with Asset Data

HVAC enterprises can also benefit from an Asset Data Domain to manage information around physical assets, such as repair equipment or delivery trucks, as well as intangible assets such as building leases or employee certifications. Maintaining asset data enables businesses to stay on top of time-based renewals and maintenance requirements to ensure safety standards are met and operations run smoothly.

Rely on a market leader

EnterWorks is the most powerful and flexible Multi-Domain MDM solution on the market today, backed by a team of experts providing unparalleled support and integrated innovation such as cloud deployment, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Adobe® InDesign & Publishing, Automated Workflow, Globalization, Syndication, and Supplier Portal.

EnterWorks’ market leadership demonstrates how our unparalleled Business-to-Business-to-Customer (B2B2C) collaboration capabilities enable retailers and brands to gain cross-domain intelligence and respond to the demand for rich, omnichannel content in the customer's channel of choice.