SAP Information Technology

Deliver value to the business

Winshuttle is your answer to the IT paradox, allowing you to deliver strategic and operational value to the business without increased budgets or headcount. Automate SAP data management and empower business users to run their own SAP processes, all while maintaining centralized governance and control.

Accelerate SAP projects and improve time to value

Reduce IT development and operational costs

Leverage current investments within the IT technology stack

Streamline SAP processes without compromising security or governance.

Utilize a leaner alternative to resource-intensive options like LSMW, eCATT, and ABAP for data upload/download activities to and from SAP. Business users can manipulate data in their own spreadsheets via the familiar Excel interface.

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Winshuttle vs. LSMW

Save significant time by automating the data collection process from originator through final approval. All participants are provided with a form unique to their role. Once everyone has contributed, data is validated, approved, and updated to SAP.

Achieve “first-time right” data by validating data at the point of entry against rules inside and outside of SAP. Data is tested at multiple stages from pre-validation through a simulated transaction, so virtually no time is required to validate and cleanse data at the actual upload stage.

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Work with a platform that adheres to SAP and organizational-level security requirements and traceable data governance processes, while recording all data changes to allow for easy auditing.

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Scientific Drilling

Scientific Drilling streamlines their SAP S/4HANA migration with Winshuttle

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