Confessions of Shadow IT

Gartner encourages IT to embrace shadow IT to solve business problems while maintaining governance.

Watch a funny take on what can happen when the business goes rogue and share your own shadow IT story.



See how this CIO uses Winshuttle

Finding a solution that works for the business and IT starts by bringing shadow IT into the light. Hear Jerone Walters, CIO of AZ Electronic Materials, describe how his team used Winshuttle to migrate from Lotus notes to Microsoft, save approximately 37 minutes on purchase requisition processes and help AZ Electronics achieve their goal of operating on one global SAP platform.

Embracing Shadow IT to Diversify IT’s Role in the Business

IT organizations need to reevaluate their perspective around shadow IT. Today, embracing Shadow IT can be valuable and diversify IT’s role in the business, delivering self-service compute access to end users, while maintaining IT governance.

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