SAP Procurement

Define and govern

Gain greater visibility, flexibility and governance across your SAP procurement processes. Define and govern each step so you can focus on analysis and overall management, not data entry and paper chasing.

Simplify SAP procurement processes

Minimize data entry and errors by using standardized templates

Route and automate approvals

Streamline everyday purchasing processes.

Easily create PRs using a standard Excel-based template to capture critical information on needed items or services. Automate and aggregate recurring monthly requests.

Reduce your procurement time by speeding up the PO authorization and creation process

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Process invoices quicker, meeting and improving your payment terms for additional vendor discounts.

Automate data loading into SAP quickly and more accurately.

Learn more about incoming invoices and payments

Create vendor in a quicker and more efficient way, start ordering from them earlier.

Watch how Winshuttle works for purchasing and procurement.

Optimize Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Operations

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