SAP Sales and Operations

Time is money

From order entry to final payment, Winshuttle helps automate and streamline the entire process so that teams can deliver goods and services, not firefight issues along the way. This means more successfully processed and delivered orders and happier customers.

Reduce errors and order entry cycle time

Improve lead time and customer satisfaction

Increase revenue

Decrease time and resources for your SAP order to cash process.

Automate order entry and streamline data collection needed for order fulfillment – saving time and increasing accuracy.

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Get better insights into your inventory master data and manage BOMs, routings, recipes and other important details that aid matching the right item to the right order.

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Getting customer master data right the first time so deliveries hit their target and you’re not wasting time and resources with additional rework or reshipment.

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Load pricing in at the master data level en masse to reduce manual keying and errors that result on orders.

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Improve order to cash (O2C) data accuracy to collect money on time.

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Watch how Winshuttle works for sales and operations.

Efficient order to cash process starts with better master data

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