Projects & business initiatives

Implement and automate faster

Special projects often require time consuming processes and hiring third party vendors for customizations, resulting in high costs to the business. Winshuttle provides faster, more agile solutions that empower business users to leverage tools they already know like Excel to complete self-service projects, eliminating the need for costly custom development.

SAP S/4HANA Migration

Whether you are implementing SAP S/4HANA for the first time or migrating from an older SAP system, in order to experience the full benefits, you’ll need to get data correct the first time into S/4HANA.

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LSMW Replacement

Robotic Process Automation

Winshuttle solutions lie at the intersection of SAP data management and process automation. Since 2003, we’ve been focused on helping enterprises optimize their SAP investment by automating manual data entry processes, improving data quality and driving better business results. For companies investing in RPA, Winshuttle offers the best SAP solution for your automation portfolio.

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LSMW Replacement

Utilize a fast, flexible alternative to SAP data migrations than LSMW. Winshuttle offers a solution for day to day migrations that allows business users to take control of SAP data, reducing IT bottlenecks without compromising security or governance. This means business users can easily create scripts and change master records quickly and accurately which frees up IT resources for higher value tasks.

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