SAP Projects

Implement faster

Projects like new SAP implementations or data migrations often require time consuming processes and hiring third party vendors for customizations, resulting in high costs to the business. Winshuttle provides a faster more agile solution that empowers business users to leverage tools they already know like Excel to complete self-service projects, eliminating the need for costly custom development.

LSMW Replacement

Utilize a fast, flexible alternative to SAP data migrations than LSMW. Winshuttle offers a solution for day to day migrations that allows business users to take control of SAP data, reducing IT bottlenecks without compromising security or governance. This means business users can easily create scripts and manipulate changes to master records quickly and accurately which frees up IT resources for higher value tasks.

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LSMW Replacement

Lotus Notes Migration

Organizations that have invested in SAP and are transitioning from Lotus Notes can use Winshuttle as an easier, faster path for migration. Where large scale Lotus Notes migrations can cause setbacks, Winshuttle allows users to continue to work while migrations are completed in-house, with minimal disruption to users.

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SAP Data Migration

Simplify and accelerate your SAP data migration, and enable your organization to migrate large volumes of data quickly and accurately, while adding additional layers of governance and auditability to your end to end migration project. By automating the SAP data loading process, you can test data ahead of the actual load, and migrate data more efficiently.

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Data MIgration

SAP Implementation

Ease the transition of a new SAP implementation. Winshuttle allows you to stage data in Excel during legacy migrations and enables you to upload Excel-based legacy data to your new SAP system. Winshuttle allows organizations to efficiently make mass changes to data which ensures a high performing SAP system from the start.

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SAP Business/Data Transformation

Data is a huge factor in the success of your business transformation initiatives, and Winshuttle enables data stored in SAP to be more accessible, consistent and pervasive across all lines of business and functions. This is achieved by providing data from SAP to the business using familiar applications and environments like Microsoft Excel and web forms.

Business Transformation

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